Subway Surfers







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Requires OS

5.0 and up



Released on

September 20, 2012

Updated on

3 Days Ago


SYBO Games

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Jake, the young graffiti artist, as he escapes from a persistent guard by traveling around the world using his skateboard. Explore various exciting locations such as Denmark, New York, and Chicago. While on your journey, navigate through bustling subways and skillfully grind on trains, showcasing your talent and courage.

A Stylish Getaway

In Subway Surfers, you’ll embark on an exciting and stylish escape. Your objective is to dodge obstacles, jump over barriers, avoid vehicles, and gather coins while avoiding collisions. Developed by SYBO Games and Kiloo, this engaging game is available on iOS, Android, and tablets, offering a smooth experience for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users alike.

The coins you collect can be used to purchase valuable character upgrades and handy items like skateboards for gliding across tracks, jetpacks for high-speed flight, and additional characters to keep your chase fresh. As a universal app, the game supports retina resolution, ensuring a visually stunning experience.

Intriguingly, Subway Surfers frequently spices up the gameplay by incorporating seasonal updates in line with worldwide events and holidays. Characters adorn costumes for events like Halloween, and the game offers new collectibles to hunt during your getaway. Moreover, with every update, the game’s setting shifts to an emblematic city like New York, Sydney, or Tokyo, providing a global tour of resplendent backdrops for your endless escape.

Skin-deep reflections

In Subway Surfers, your character effortlessly navigates obstacles, jumping or sliding as you direct them. As you progress, the game’s pace increases, demanding greater dexterity. Players get to choose from various characters, like Jake, a graffiti artist, and his friends – each with unique designs and outfits, such as the Future McFly. Embrace the skins, and immerse yourself deeper into the secret world of subway surfing.

A Cartoon Game

In Subway Surfers, you’ll find that the graphics have an appealing, animated style reminiscent of cartoons. Though not groundbreaking, this design contributes to the game’s popularity and its high number of downloads. As you play, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the entertaining characters and find yourself coming back for more rounds of high-speed hoverboard surfing adventures.

To Play Again and Again

In Subway Surfers, you’ll find yourself constantly drawn to the game’s simple dynamics, vibrant graphics, and regular updates. Hop onto your skateboard and surf through endless runner challenges, dodging obstacles, collecting coins, and utilizing power-ups. Test your skills and reflexes with lightning-fast swipe acrobatics, and keep aiming higher as you unlock rewards, achievements, and conquer leaderboards.