PlantNet Plant Identification







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5.0 and up



Released on

January 21, 2014

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3 Days Ago



The PlantNet Plant Identification app is a convenient, free solution for identifying plants on the go. This mobile application, created by a collaboration between leading organizations such as CIRAD, INRIA, INRA, IRD, and Red Tela Botánica, requires no subscription and uses your phone’s camera to recognize various plant species. With this app, you can explore the plant kingdom and keep track of your observations effortlessly. Plus, seamless integration with Google Assistant elevates your user experience, making plant identification both straightforward and enjoyable.

How PlantNet Identifies Plants Accurately

With an extensive botanical database, PlantNet allows you to identify plants by comparing the photo you take with your phone to its stored images. The app identifies the plant based on common features and provides accurate identification accompanied by reliable information.

How to Use PlantNet Plant Identification

Using PlantNet Plant Identification is simple. First, download and install the app on your smartphone. Open the app, and your phone’s main camera will activate automatically. Position your camera to focus on the plant you wish to identify and capture the photo. Alternatively, you can use an existing image from your device’s gallery.

Ensure the image highlights the plant’s organs for improved accuracy. If you’d like to contribute to the project, select the “Collaboration” option within the app.

Never again be at a loss as to which plant is in front of you

With PlantNet Plant Identification, you can effortlessly recognize any plant or flower before you. As a botany enthusiast, this app empowers you to provide optimal care for various plants, enhancing your gardening experience while contributing to the larger citizen science community.