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5.0 and up



Released on

June 8, 2014

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Lumos Labs, Inc.

With Lumosity, enhance your brain training program by practicing short, interactive games. Develop cognitive skills like speed, working memory, and problem-solving through your personalized daily workout.

Train While Having Fun

Lumosity brings you engaging brain training experiences, offering a wide range of games and activities. Similar to the well-known Nintendo DS Brain Training games from the past, Lumosity is backed by scientific research and receives recognition from universities around the globe.

With a selection of approximately 20 games on the mobile app and 40 on the web platform, you’ll find various challenges to cater to different aspects of your cognitive abilities. These games not only test your memory but also stimulate mental speed, problem-solving, language, exercises, puzzles, math, and vocabulary skills. Although you need a subscription to unlock all the games, the variety ensures mental stimulation and growth.

As you delve into these entertaining mini-games, you will not only have fun but also observe your scores improving over time. Plus, Lumosity’s training adapts to your results, ensuring a personalized experience that keeps you consistently engaged and challenged.

Quality is in the Details

When using Lumosity, you’ll quickly notice the polished and streamlined experience of the mobile app. Initially, it assesses your cognitive function through a test, setting a baseline for your brain training journey. The mini-games within the app are not only aesthetically pleasing but also engaging, increasing in difficulty to challenge your cognitive abilities as you progress.

These games target various aspects, such as memory, attention, and speed, offering a comprehensive brain workout for older adults and those seeking to maintain cognitive health. The carefully designed app draws on neuroscience and scientific research to develop a training program that might help reduce cognitive decline, memory loss, and possibly counter age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Remember to be patient; as the games grow more demanding, you’ll find it is all part of the beneficial cognitive training experience.

I Think, Then I Play

Through your engagement with Lumosity, you’re not only finding enjoyment but also sharpening important mental skills. With games that foster problem-solving, concentration, and logic, Lumosity challenges your focus and accuracy, measuring your success through scoring. Although the free version may have some limitations, it’s a worthwhile tool for mental stimulation.