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May 15, 2013

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Google LLC

Google Hangouts provides an effortless way to keep in touch with people connected to your account. Initiating a new message exhibits an up-to-date list of everyone online and ready to chat or call. With Google Duo, you can even share live camera feeds with friends, regardless of their distance.

Hangouts offer standard messaging features found in apps like Zoom, enabling users to send emojis, status updates, videos, or images. Connecting with someone is as simple as typing their name or email into the search bar and inviting them. It’s simple to include more people in your group chat and send images as needed.

For video calls, press the video call button, and a separate window will appear. Once your call starts, you can easily disable cameras or mute microphones. In-call messaging lets you share links, images, and notes with everyone during the video call.

Hangouts sync messages across devices automatically, keeping conversations up-to-date without any inconvenience.

Additional Management Features for Hangouts

Messages can be sent to offline friends, so you can communicate whenever you desire. Hangouts notifications can be snoozed if you need to concentrate. With Google Voice, you can make phone calls using a US number and even check your voicemail.

The Hangout History feature allows users to view conversation records, saving them on Google Drive for quick access.

Hangouts Video Quality Assessment

Hangouts delivers basic but usable video call quality, slightly inferior to competitors like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Ensuring clear connections during Hangouts calls can be challenging due to varying internet conditions.

Hangouts include security features from the G Suite to protect your calls from unwanted intrusions.

Utilizing the Hangouts Chrome Extension

The Hangouts Chrome Extension gives access to a full array of instant messenger functions—from screen sharing to voice and video calls. Installing the extension is as simple as clicking ‘Add to Chrome.’

Essential but Straightforward Features

Google Hangouts is perfect for those seeking a hassle-free way to interact with friends and family, minus complicated extras. Fully free to use with a personal Google account, Hangouts is suitable for personal use rather than business settings.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Synchronize contacts and conversations across devices
  • Integration with Google Voice
  • Robust default security settings


  • Not intended for business users
  • Subpar video call quality