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Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Bad Piggies HD is a captivating puzzle game created by Rovio Entertainment, where you get to control the sinister pigs, the enemies of the Angry Birds. You are tasked with constructing inventive devices using components like balloons, boxes, and umbrellas to help the villainous pigs traverse through various levels filled with hurdles, aiming to snatch eggs from the birds.

With over 200 levels to explore and 40+ special levels to unlock, you can test your skills or simply enjoy the game at your leisure. Bad Piggies HD also provides 9+ sandbox levels for stimulating creativity and encourages you to collect 10 skulls to uncover additional sandbox levels.

To make your experience even more engaging, Bad Piggies HD offers a level editor, allowing you to design custom levels and share them with other players online, as well as access to 42 building objects that aid in constructing your unique vehicles.

Bad Piggies HD App Features

In Bad Piggies HD, you will enjoy:

  • Over 200 levels filled with inventive puzzles and electrifying missions.
  • The ability to construct your own quirky vehicles using diverse components like wheels, umbrellas, bottles, and fans.
  • Additional levels unlocked by collecting stars and attaining special achievements.
  • The chance to test your abilities in Sandbox mode, where you can generate custom levels at your discretion.
  • Competing with other players in Flight in the Night mode, striving for top score or longest flight duration.
  • Stunning HD visuals and authentic, physics-based gameplay available on iPad Retina displays and iPhone 5s devices.
  • Sharing your most impressive creations with friends through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

What are the benefits of using Bad Piggies HD App?

When using Bad Piggies HD app, you’ll experience several advantages:

  • Engaging and creative gameplay: You can build custom contraptions to assist the piggies in reaching their goal, tailoring vehicles with items like wings, propellers, and more.
  • Diverse levels: Each level presents a unique challenge, requiring you to think creatively and apply various approaches.
  • Upgrades and collectibles: Throughout the game, you’ll gather items to upgrade your vehicles or construct new ones, adding strategic depth.
  • Leaderboards: Keep track of your progress and compete with others by posting your scores, making it the ultimate platform to test your skills and creativity.

Remember to experiment with different methods and to earn as many collectibles as possible to enhance your gaming experience.

Bad Piggies HD App Review

In Bad Piggies HD, you’ll take on the role of the notorious pigs, constructing various contraptions to transport them safely across more than 200 unique levels. Each level offers diverse challenges that will test your creativity and problem-solving skills.

As you play, you’ll be impressed by the high-quality graphics featuring detailed backgrounds, vivid animations, and realistic designs. The intuitive controls make it easy for you to swiftly build contraptions, and a variety of power-ups can help you complete levels more efficiently or achieve higher scores.

While you aim for three stars in each level, you’ll also encounter hidden skulls and eggs that you can collect or destroy. Comparing your progress with friends and players worldwide via the online leaderboard adds an extra layer of competition to your gameplay experience. Enjoy this engaging and visually appealing game while pushing your strategic thinking to the limits.

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