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Requires OS

5.0 and up



Released on

October 19, 2011

Updated on

October 20, 2023



The Word Crack App, developed by Word Crack LLC, serves as an educational tool to enhance your English vocabulary skills. With a range of levels, from beginner to expert, the app offers diverse challenges and tasks for you to conquer. You can even invite friends or family members for a friendly face-off in Word Crack App. Available for free on both iOS and Android devices, download today and boost your English vocabulary proficiency.

Word Crack App Features

Experience the Word Crack app with a user-friendly interface, making it effortless for you to quickly find and create words. Engage in the game in multiple languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese, catering to diverse linguistic preferences.

Keep track of your ranking and engage in friendly competition through the leaderboards, showcasing the top players daily and all-time scores. Cater to your playing style and skill level by selecting from the three available difficulty levels, offering you the opportunity to challenge yourself further over time.

Don’t miss out on this free download to expand your vocabulary and enjoy Word Crack’s captivating gameplay.

Discover the Advantages of the Word Crack App

When you play Word Crack, you enjoy numerous benefits such as:

  • Polishing your vocabulary and spelling by learning new words and practicing their accurate spelling.
  • Boosting your problem-solving skills as the game poses challenges to uncover hidden words.
  • Enhancing concentration as the game demands focusing on finding the right words to advance.
  • Elevating motivation through the leaderboard feature, where you can see how you compete with players globally.
  • Increasing self-confidence as you progress, earning points and improving your abilities to solve word puzzles.

Word Crack App Review

Word Crack, a captivating word game, entertains individuals across all age groups. The goal is to form valid words with the given 6 or 7 scrambled letters. As you unscramble more words and accumulate points, your score rises.

The game boasts simple yet effective graphics, enhancing the overall enjoyment of gameplay. Navigating the controls is effortless, allowing you to input your guesses seamlessly. Additionally, Word Crack provides a hint system with clues to potential letter combinations for valid words.

When it comes to compatibility, although there are no mentions of Windows or MacOS support, both iOS and Android users can enjoy Word Crack. Excitingly, there’s no limit to ongoing games, and you can face random opponents or friends from all around the world. Embrace this fantastic word challenge and expand your vocabulary with Word Crack!

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