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4.4 and up



Released on

March 5, 2014

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3 Days Ago



With the Web Browser & Explorer App, you can effortlessly access the internet and explore various websites, images, videos, documents, and other online content. This app offers a user-friendly interface for smoothly navigating the web, as well as tools for searching the internet, organizing bookmarks, and personalizing browser settings. The Web Browser & Explorer App is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, making it a convenient choice for browsing on-the-go.

Web Browser & Explorer App Features

You can enjoy seamless browsing with the Web Browser & Explorer app, as it offers several key features:

  • Bookmarks: Save your favorite websites for quick access later.
  • Search Bar: Easily search the web for information or products.
  • Tabbed Browsing: Open multiple websites in separate tabs, making it simple to switch between each site.
  • Incognito Mode: Maintain security and privacy by not saving any browser history during your session.
  • Pop-up Blocker: Stay undisturbed by intrusive pop-up ads.
  • History Tracking: Keep an organized record of visited sites, enabling easy navigation through previous pages.

Experience efficient and effective browsing with Web Browser & Explorer App’s user-friendly functionalities.

Discover the Advantages of Web Browser & Explorer App

With a Web Browser & Explorer App, you can effortlessly access internet content, including webpages, videos, and images. The app offers a secure platform for conducting online transactions such as banking and shopping. You’ll appreciate its many navigation features, like bookmarks and tabs, for an enhanced browsing experience. Additionally, it serves as an invaluable tool for online research, helping you learn while maintaining privacy and security standards. Consider the app for boosting your browsing experience without sacrificing your online privacy.

Web Browser & Explorer App Review

Web Browser & Explorer is an efficient app available for both iOS and Android devices. As a combination of web browsing and file exploring, you can simultaneously surf the internet, manage your device’s storage, and download files.

Utilizing a user-friendly interface, the app offers you tabbed browsing, allowing for swift navigation between multiple websites. You can also establish quick access by bookmarking your favorite sites. In addition, Web Browser & Explorer aids you in managing your device’s storage through an integrated file manager.

The app takes your privacy seriously, offering security features such as private browsing mode and secure downloads. You’ll find support for various file types like images, documents, and music files. This versatile app is suitable for use on a range of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Windows 10, Windows 11, Apple devices, Linux, and Android devices. Expand your browsing and file management capabilities with Web Browser & Explorer.

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