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Requires OS

6.0 and up



Released on

March 27, 2012

Updated on

3 Days Ago



The Wattpad Beta App, a creation by the global entertainment company Wattpad, offers you a chance to delve into an extensive collection of stories right on your phone. This free app provides you with custom recommendations, unique content, and seamless social media integration for an engaging reading journey. Through Wattpad Beta, you can easily discover new genres, stay updated with your preferred authors, and connect with fellow readers in the vibrant Wattpad community.

Wattpad Beta App Features

As a user, you can take advantage of numerous features offered by the Wattpad Beta app. With early access, you have the opportunity to explore new and experimental functions for both iOS and Android devices.

  • Discover a wide range of stories from various genres and topics by browsing millions available worldwide
  • Connect with others by following your preferred authors, leaving comments on stories, and participating in reader discussions
  • Read comfortably using personalized bookmarks, night mode, and customizable font settings
  • Craft your stories and collaborate with other members of the Wattpad community
  • Explore fresh content through tailored recommendations and popular trends
  • Publish your work directly on Wattpad or submit it for potential publication

Remember to provide feedback through the app’s interface if you encounter any issues or bugs. With your help, Wattpad Beta can continue to improve and deliver an enhanced experience for all users.

What are the advantages of utilizing the Wattpad Beta App?

In using the Wattpad Beta App, you’ll experience:

  • Quicker load times due to enhanced speed and performance.
  • Exclusive features, like the Reader Mode, enabling you to personalize your reading style.
  • An easy-to-navigate interface, simplifying your search for stories.
  • Better filtering and sorting options for an improved search experience.
  • A community aspect, allowing you to follow authors, engage in conversations, and connect with fellow readers and writers.
  • In-app drafting, so you can conveniently save drafts of your writings.

Wattpad Beta App Review

The Wattpad Beta app offers an accessible platform for avid readers and emerging writers to explore and share a vast range of stories on their Android devices. The visually appealing interface, characterized by vibrant colors and graphics, serves to enrich your experience. Driven by a user-friendly layout, you can smoothly discover captivating content across various genres and trending topics, and even keep track of popular stories.

Interaction is a prominent aspect of the Wattpad Beta app, encouraging you to leave comments on stories, engage with authors, and build connections with fellow story enthusiasts. By following your favorite authors, you’ll be promptly notified of their latest work. Furthermore, the app enables you to create personalized collections of your most-loved stories, offering the added convenience of easy access to your preferred content.

Apps Comparable to Wattpad Beta App

Several alternative apps offer similar features and experiences to the Wattpad Beta App:

  • Inkitt: Fosters connections between authors and readers as a free platform for sharing and discovering stories.
  • Tap by Wattpad: A story sharing app with diverse content in multiple genres for reading and sharing.
  • Radish Fiction: A serialized fiction app, where you can read for free or pay to unlock additional chapters.
  • NovelCat: Discover and read short stories, novels, comics, and various literature from around the globe on this mobile app.
  • Storybird: Provides a unique experience by enabling users to create visual stories using professional illustrators’ artwork and write their own stories.