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Requires OS

5.0 and up



Released on

April 5, 2020

Updated on

3 Days Ago


VPN Super Inc

VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy is a free app that syncs with your browser to let you securely access websites. Similar to Ultimate VPN and Turbo VPN, this app is designed for efficient connections and faster browsing speeds. By using this VPN, you can:

  • Enjoy a secure connection, masking your location
  • Protect privacy on various devices
  • Access blocked websites and apps
  • Benefit from in-app purchases for Android devices

Keep your online activities safe and anonymous with this free mobile VPN.

What are the advantages of VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy?

By using VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy, you benefit from decentralized IP addresses and encrypted personal information, ensuring secure online transactions. This VPN service helps you bypass geographic restrictions with ease. Activating and deactivating the service is as simple as a single tap, and no registration is required, enhancing your privacy. Moreover, VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy does not request access permissions on your devices, nor does it impose data or browsing time limits. With this service, you can confidently maintain your online privacy, even on public WiFi hotspots, without concerns about data usage or connection restrictions.

What Can VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy Do?

With VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy, you can surf the internet securely and anonymously, regardless of whether you’re using mobile data, home WiFi, or public WiFi in places like malls or libraries. This ensures protection against hackers while you maintain your privacy. The numerous servers provide a stable connection, enhancing your browsing experience.

An Excellent VPN Browsing App

Experience seamless browsing with VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy. It maintains your connection speed, safeguards your data confidentiality, and is user-friendly. Enjoy unrestricted accessibility to Netflix, masked IP addresses, ample bandwidth, and robust security protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP, and OpenVPN TCP.