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8.0 and up



Released on

January 9, 2012

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3 Days Ago

Developer, Inc.

The Vimeo App, a popular video-sharing application on iOS and Android devices, enables you to explore, view, and distribute content from their vast library of over 200 million videos. With the mobile app, you can easily upload your own videos, curate playlists, follow channels, and access your preferred videos whenever and wherever you want. The app’s versatile toolkit allows you to modify and produce videos on the go, providing a seamless experience both on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Vimeo App Features

With the Vimeo app, you can:

  • Experience HD quality video streaming, including 4K resolution
  • Save videos for offline viewing
  • Develop and upload video projects from your mobile device
  • Share your creations on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Follow and discover new content from other users
  • Explore a library of over 80 million videos
  • Immerse yourself in 360-degree videos
  • Access exclusive content through Vimeo On Demand
  • Organize personalized playlists
  • Include captions and subtitles for enhanced accessibility

What are the Benefits of Using the Vimeo App?

By utilizing the Vimeo App, you can take advantage of its numerous features that cater to a wide range of users. As a subscriber to Vimeo Plus, Pro, or other premium-tier services, you can enjoy storage and seamless access to high-quality, ad-free videos. Vimeo provides an extensive selection of tools for creating and managing content, with easy integration across various social media platforms.

Vimeo gives you insights into your video performance with its robust analytics, allowing paying subscribers to make informed decisions. Additionally, you can customize privacy settings to control the accessibility of your videos. Lastly, the intuitive mobile app simplifies video management on-the-go, making your experience smooth and rewarding.

Vimeo App Review

Vimeo is a well-known video-sharing platform that lets you upload, share, and watch videos. With its straightforward and user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate and utilize its features. Within the app, you can create playlists, comment on videos, like them, and follow other content creators.

The platform boasts an extensive array of high-quality videos from talented filmmakers and artists worldwide. When sharing your own creations, the website offers various privacy settings, including password-protected content and the ability to define permissions for your videos.

As a content creator or viewer, you can appreciate Vimeo’s comprehensive guidelines for helping maintain an excellent experience. While the platform doesn’t feature ads or in-app purchases, this limitation doesn’t detract from its appeal, allowing you to focus on enjoying a diverse selection of video content.

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