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5.1 and up



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October 18, 2014

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Toy Blast is a captivating match-3 puzzle game, available for free on iOS and Android devices. In this game, you’ll have to match three or more blocks of the same color to eliminate them from the board. To enhance your gameplay, you can use power-ups which help in clearing the levels faster and achieving higher scores.

In Toy Blast, you’ll find yourself immersed in strategic thinking to complete levels quickly and efficiently. The game keeps you engaged by offering daily rewards and special events—creating a fun experience suitable for all ages. As you progress, you’ll be drawn into the colorful world of Toy Blast and its myriad challenges.

Toy Blast App Features

Experience the Toy Blast app, an engaging puzzle game where you solve over 2,000 colorful match-3 levels. On your adventure, you will meet Tom and other adorable characters who offer assistance. To excel in levels, blast cubes of the same color to reach the target score within the given number of moves.

Enhance your gameplay with a variety of boosters and power-ups, helping you overcome tricky levels and achieve higher scores. Collect stars throughout your journey, which unlock special rewards, including new levels and power-ups. Participate in daily challenges, events, and tournaments for added excitement and chances to win amazing prizes. Enjoy the adventure and challenge your puzzle-solving skills with the ultimate matching puzzle game, Toy Blast.

Benefits of Engaging with Toy Blast App

While playing Toy Blast, you’ll encounter several advantages that make it an enjoyable experience:

  • Diverse and Stimulating Puzzles: The game provides numerous levels and challenges, holding your interest and keeping you entertained.
  • Various Collectibles: Progressing through the game allows you to collect coins, stars, toys, and more.
  • Building a Community: Competing against your friends and participating in tournaments to win unique prizes makes being a part of the Toy Blast community fun and rewarding.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Offering modes such as Time Attack and Score Attack, Toy Blast ensures an ongoing fresh and exciting experience.
  • Satisfying Rewards: As you complete levels, you earn coins and stars, which can be used to purchase power-ups or unlock additional levels.

Toy Blast App Review

Toy Blast, developed by Peak Games, delivers an engaging and captivating puzzle experience. In this addictive game, you must match and collect toys to advance through over 2000 challenging levels. Your matching abilities will be put to the test as you strategically remove blocks and toys, aiming to score maximum points.

The visual appeal of Toy Blast comes from its vibrant and lively graphics, making it enjoyable for all age groups. Embrace the simplicity of its controls, enabling you to effortlessly dive into the gaming experience, irrespective of your prior expertise. The upbeat and lively soundtrack complements the entertaining gameplay.

In conclusion, Toy Blast offers an impressive puzzle adventure that will captivate you for hours. It showcases enticing gameplay along with visually appealing graphics and an enjoyable soundtrack.

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