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5.0 and up



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November 5, 2014

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3 Days Ago


PONOS Corporation

In The Battle Cats, a mobile game developed by PONOS Corporation, you engage in exciting tower defense-style strategy as part of a feline army. Your objective is to protect your base from enemy invasions by deploying a variety of cute, yet formidable, cat warriors. As you progress, you can collect powerful and rare cats that strengthen your squad. Since its launch in 2012, this game captivated players with its simple gameplay, endearing art style, and witty dialogue. Available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store, The Battle Cats has millions of downloads worldwide.

The Battle Cats App Features

In The Battle Cats game, you’ll engage in various modes, navigating through levels while collecting and upgrading unique cats. Utilize their special abilities and participate in daily events, missions, and online tournaments. Enhance your gaming experience further by customizing cats with items from the in-game store. Track your progress on leaderboards and share your achievements via social media integration, all while enjoying simple controls, a unique battle system, and an entertaining story mode.

The Perks of Engaging with The Battle Cats App

As you immerse yourself into the world of The Battle Cats App, you’ll find numerous benefits that keep you entertained and challenged. The amusing art style and fascinating characters provide a delightful experience for all ages. You will strategize in an engaging combat system, where you must carefully select your feline warriors to defeat adversaries, earn rewards, and progress through the game.

A key aspect of the game is the vast collection of over 100 unique and exotic cats waiting to be unlocked. As you advance through various stages such as empire of cats, main chapters, event stages, and catnip challenges, your user rank will improve, unlocking new world maps, special events, and collaboration stages. The diversity of events like glorious treasures, gacha, gamatoto expedition, and ototo development team further enhance the experience. Finally, the Battle Cats App encourages continuous playing for avid collectors and strategists by regularly updating event schedules, cat and enemy dictionaries, and featuring higher difficulties to conquer.

The Battle Cats App Review

As a player of The Battle Cats, developed by PONOS Corp, you command a team of uniquely designed cats to defend your base from waves of foes in an action-packed tower defense game. Available on iOS and Android devices, this Japanese-inspired game offers colorful visuals and straightforward gameplay, enticing players of all ages.

Using simple controls, you’ll find it easy to immerse yourself in the game while exploring levels that offer just the right balance of challenge for casual gamers. The Battle Cats also incorporates daily missions and events, keeping you engaged and eager for more.

Part of its appeal lies in its extensive list of cats, each with their capabilities and upgrades. Furthermore, the game blends pop culture references and regional differences, such as making underground labyrinth revisions and providing bug fixes, to cater to a global audience.

Immerse yourself in the fast-paced, strategic world of The Battle Cats, and watch as your feline army conquers level after level.

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