Temple Run 2







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Requires OS

4.4 and up



Released on

January 23, 2013

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Imangi Studios

In Temple Run 2, you must guide your character to continuously avoid obstacles, escape the demon monkey, and protect the cursed idol. With improved 3D graphics, this game will captivate both new players and fans of the original installment.

Runs Non-stop, But with Better Graphics

In Temple Run 2, you’ll experience the thrill of endlessly running while trying to keep the idol you’ve taken from the temple, all while being pursued by menacing Demon Monkeys. Get ready to test your reflexes as you navigate through a variety of landscapes such as reefs, zip lines, mines, and forests by jumping, sliding, and swerving.

This sequel shines by not only offering you the chance to play as guest characters from time to time but by also enhancing the game’s visuals. The game dynamics remain unchanged, but the upgrade to 3D graphics, new scenery, and vibrant obstacles take your experience to another level.

As you play, make sure to collect coins to unlock new characters and various power-ups that will assist you on your adventure. By mastering the swipe controls and making full use of your power-ups, you can aim for the high score and unlock all the achievements in this engaging endless runner mobile game. Remember to stay alert and keep up the pace; the Demon Monkeys are always close.

An Update That Does Not Disappoint

Temple Run 2 enhances the original game with impressive graphics and a feature allowing you to resume your run after falling, thanks to gems and in-app purchases. Upgrades and special powers make this second installment by Imangi Studios even more enjoyable.

Guaranteed Vice

Temple Run 2 offers a captivating gaming experience for fans of the original Temple Run, showcasing enhanced graphics suitable for the latest Android devices. As you immerse yourself in hours of gameplay, you’ll discover new characters, relics, and enjoy improved bug fixes. One of those new characters, Maria Selva, is introduced in collaboration with National Geographic Kids. Maria, a young photojournalist, brings a fresh dynamic as you help her secure more relics. Don’t forget to connect with friends and compare scores through Game Center, Facebook, and even compete as famous runner Usain Bolt on your iPhone.


In the Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows update, you’ll encounter a new character, Maria Selva, a young photojournalist exploring the world. Discover new relics and enjoy various bug fixes. Additionally, Temple Run 2 collaborated with National Geographic Kids for the addition of Maria to the game. Unlock Maria and help her learn more about these unique relics.