Talking Ben the Dog







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Requires OS

5.0 and up



Released on

June 17, 2011

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Outfit7 Limited

In Talking Ben the Dog App, a creation by Outfit7 Limited, you get to engage with an amusing talking dog named Ben. As a player, you have the opportunity to interact, feed, and chat with Ben, while also personalizing his looks and surroundings. The app incorporates entertaining mini-games, including riddles and trivia, enhancing user experience. Accessible on both iOS and Android devices, immerse yourself in a delightful virtual pet game with Ben.

Talking Ben the Dog App Features

Interactive 3D Character: Experience a responsive 3D dog that reacts to your touch and imitates your words with a comical twist.

Entertaining Mini-Games: Engage in amusing mini-games such as bubble popping, memory matching, and whack-a-mole alongside Ben.

Physics Lab: Investigate various objects like balls and boxes in the lab, observing their reactions to gravity and different forces.

Music Studio: Compose your melodies using diverse instruments, from drums and piano to guitar and more.

Customization Options: Personalize your Ben by dressing him in new outfits and accessories or altering his fur color and hairstyle.

What are the advantages of the Talking Ben the Dog App?

Using Talking Ben the Dog App offers numerous benefits:

  • You can learn to engage with a virtual pet.
  • Developing reading and speaking abilities by engaging in amusing conversations with Ben.
  • Enhancing understanding of basic scientific ideas like gravity and inertia through in-app mini-games.
  • Stimulating creativity by crafting your own stories with assistance from Ben.
  • The App is a fun, education-oriented, and entertaining way to spend your time.

Talking Ben the Dog App Review

The Talking Ben the Dog app engages users with an interactive virtual pet experience. You can communicate with Ben and enjoy his amusing response as he mimics your words. Moreover, you can play engaging mini-games, like fetch and teaching tricks. With its cheerful colors and amusing sound effects, this app is visually and audibly appealing. Designed for all age groups, even though younger ones may require assistance in navigating the menus. The app has earned positive ratings and reviews for its entertaining content, available in English for iPhones at no cost, excluding in-app purchases.

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