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May 6, 2014

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Talkatone, Llc

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign country or a remote location with no cell reception, desperately searching for a reliable digital telephone app that only requires Wi-Fi? Talkatone might just be the solution for you. This innovative app allows you to send and receive calls on your tablet or mobile device, slashing the need for a traditional cell signal.

In the following article, we will provide an in-depth review of Talkatone’s features and capabilities, answering all your questions and concerns. Discover how this application can help you stay connected no matter where you are, and how it compares to alternatives like Skype, FaceTime, Viber, and WhatsApp. Learn about the feedback from users in the US, Canada, and select countries around the world, and delve into the details of its cell phone plan, privacy, and communication features.

What Is Talkatone?

Talkatone is an app that allows you to make calls, send texts, and receive messages without relying on traditional cell phone services. This is particularly helpful when you’re struggling to find a cellular reception or when looking for a cost-effective solution for communication. The app functions on local Wi-Fi networks, so you don’t have to pay for any calls or texts when connected.

Instead of depending on your phone provider’s data plans, you have the option to top up your Talkatone account as needed, making it a more affordable and manageable choice for those who can’t commit to regular monthly contracts. This is especially appealing for younger individuals or those on a tight budget.

While Talkatone offers a convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected, it’s essential to note that some users may find the call quality and constraints not as consistent as traditional phone services. However, Talkatone is still an excellent option as a free calling app that provides you with the necessary tools to communicate when needed.

What Operating Systems and Devices Support Talkatone?

Talkatone is compatible with numerous devices, including:

  • Android smartphones
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Most tablet devices

You can download and install Talkatone from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. This app allows you to use multiple devices with your Talkatone account, giving you the flexibility and peace of mind when traveling or in areas with limited cell coverage. Ensure you have an active internet or data connection and follow the verification process using your email address to set up your account.

What Features Do You Get With Talkatone?

With Talkatone, you can enjoy a variety of features that cater to your communication needs:

  • International Calls: Make international calls at reduced rates compared to regular phone data or Wi-Fi.
  • Call Quality: Continuous updates have greatly improved call quality for clear communication.
  • Ad-Free Option: Remove ads with a one-time payment of $10 if they bother you!
  • Unlimited Outbound Calls: If you’re in the US or Canada, enjoy unlimited outbound calls. Additional minutes can be purchased at reasonable rates if needed.
  • Free Inbound Calls: Receive calls for free, no matter where you are.
  • Text and Multimedia Messaging: Send and receive SMS, pictures, and videos.
  • Talkatone App Communication: Chat with other Talkatone app users for free.
  • Dedicated Phone Number: Get a unique phone number for your outbound and inbound calls, perfect for a separate business line or maintaining privacy in online interactions.

With these features, Talkatone offers a comprehensive communication solution for anyone looking to stay connected without breaking the bank.

What Are The Costs Of Talkatone?

Talkatone offers a variety of options to suit your communication needs. Upon installation, you will receive 60 minutes for free, which is perfect if you only use the app occasionally for calls or SMS text messages.

Should you require more minutes, a top-up option is available, allowing you to purchase an additional 60 minutes for just $0.99. Additionally, you can earn free minutes by completing surveys within the app, helping you reduce your expenses even further.

While the app does display ads, they do not hamper the app’s functionality. However, if you prefer an ad-free experience, a one-time payment option is available to remove them.

Keep in mind that Talkatone leverages Wi-Fi or cellular data. Therefore, using the app with data may incur charges from your carrier, depending on your cellular plan. To avoid roaming charges while traveling, consider using the app on Wi-Fi only. This flexibility in Talkatone’s offerings ensures you have a communication solution tailored to your budget and requirements.


  • Affordability: Talkatone is a free-to-download app with options to adjust your pricing plan by adding minutes directly or through surveys.
  • Versatility: This app acts as a digital phone, offering essential features like sending texts, calls, pictures, and videos.
  • User-friendly interface: Using Talkatone is easy and almost as intuitive as using your regular phone.
  • Enhanced privacy: With Talkatone, you can maintain a separate unique number for added privacy, protecting your personal information from unfamiliar callers.


  • Advertisements: You may find the included ads bothersome.

Closing Thoughts

We trust that our Talkatone insight has been valuable in shaping your decision on whether to adopt this app. It’s an excellent tool for keeping your monthly expenses in check by giving you the flexibility to add or earn talk time as needed.