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5.1 and up



Released on

September 24, 2020

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3 Days Ago



In Stumble Guys, you’ll engage in fast-paced, multiplayer battles with the goal of being the last player standing. As you navigate a 3D obstacle course filled with traps and surprises, be prepared to dodge, jump, and dive to outlast your opponents. The game features hilarious moments as you race through each round, making it an enjoyable and addicting experience for players of all ages. Get ready to explore the world of Stumble Guys, battle with other stumblers, and claim victory in this chaotic, fun-filled game.

Stumble Guys App Features

Engage in intense multiplayer action with Stumble Guys, an online game designed for both local and online multiplayer chaos. In this knockout battle royale, up to 32 players compete to dodge obstacles, outmaneuver opponents, and cross the finish line in various races and survival elimination rounds.

Personalize your experience by customizing your character with different skins, hats, and accessories. Master the diverse maps and game modes, unlocking emotes and animations to express yourself in the heat of the race.

Take on the daily challenges and gather coins for power-ups to gain an advantage. Compete on a global scale with the leaderboard system, showcasing your skills in the fast-paced world of Stumble Guys.

What are the advantages of the Stumble Guys App?

With the Stumble Guys app, you can enjoy numerous benefits such as:

  • A user-friendly and intuitive design, making it easy for you to navigate.
  • Exciting and varied levels that test your reflexes and skills.
  • A range of characters, each having distinct abilities to select from.
  • Engage in real-time multiplayer battles with friends or strangers online.
  • Unveil new characters and game stages by advancing in the game.
  • Rise up the worldwide-ranked leaderboard through healthy competition.
  • Personalize your character’s style by selecting from an array of clothes, hats, and accessories.

Stumble Guys App Review

Stumble Guys is a lively online multiplayer knockout game that offers an addictive experience across Android and iOS devices. As a player, you’ll find yourself engaging with up to 31 other players, aiming to outlast them all in a variety of challenging arenas.

You’ll face numerous obstacles and hazards, each stage promising an element of fun as you navigate the colorful, eye-catching environment. Tackle your opponents through jumping, stumbling, and falling, all while honing your reflexes and agility to ultimately claim victory.

The simple and intuitive controls make Stumble Guys an easy-to-learn game that keeps you captivated throughout your performance. With countless players having already jumped on board, it’s a great time for you to download now and explore this popular Fall Guys clone on your device.

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