Spider Solitaire







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Requires OS

4.4 and up



Released on

February 27, 2012

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Brainium Studios

The Spider Solitaire App, developed by MobilityWare, offers users engaging solitaire card game entertainment across iOS, Android, and Windows devices. In this game, your goal is to create stacks of cards in descending order from King to Ace of the same suit. There are two game modes: Classic and Vegas. The Classic mode follows the traditional spider solitaire rules, while Vegas mode lets you win virtual money by building card stacks in both ascending and descending orders.

Stay challenged as you track your accomplishments with shared leaderboards and achievements. If you find yourself stuck, don’t worry; the app offers helpful hints and undo options to keep the game enjoyable and fun.

Spider Solitaire App Features

In the Spider Solitaire app, you can enjoy various features tailored just for you:

  • Play solo against the computer to hone your skills.
  • Choose from three difficulty levels, ranging from one-suit to four-suits, to match your expertise.
  • Receive hints and undo moves for times when you may need assistance.
  • Compete for high scores in the leaderboard to measure your progress.
  • Keep track of your achievements with detailed statistics for each game.
  • Customize the app theme to suit your personal preferences.
  • Gain access to extra features and content via in-app purchases.

With these options, you’ll have a unique and engaging Spider Solitaire experience.

What are the benefits of using Spider Solitaire App?

When you play Spider Solitaire, you can enjoy multiple advantages:

  • It enhances your concentration and focus as you need to strategize to arrange cards in descending order from king to ace of the same suit.
  • It serves as a relaxing activity that can steer your attention away from daily stress, providing a sense of calm.
  • By challenging yourself with different difficulty levels and trying to reveal face-down cards by building sequences, you hone your problem-solving skills and logical thinking.
  • The app lets you create a fun and engaging game experience anytime, anywhere, by yourself or with empty spots to increase the challenge.

Spider Solitaire App Review

The Spider Solitaire app provides a captivating gaming experience for both casual players and experts. With various levels and difficulty settings, you can find the perfect challenge to keep you engaged. The app boasts crisp graphics for easy card visibility, and the controls are intuitive for quick card movements.

Key points

    • Various difficulty levels for diverse challenges
    • High-quality graphics and gameplay
    • Efficient controls for seamless card management

To help you overcome tricky situations, the app also features a helpful hint system. Enjoy a fun and challenging way to spend your leisure time with Spider Solitaire.

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