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Requires OS

4.1 and up



Released on

April 28, 2013

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Smart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd.

SHAREit is an application designed for devices with Android, iOS, and macOS operating systems. It enables you to connect wirelessly to other devices and transfer files quickly, easily, and securely. The app supports all types of files including text documents, videos, photos, music, and executables, making it a versatile tool for establishing connections between devices.

With SHAREit, transferring files can be done with one or multiple users once the app is installed on all participating devices. The file exchange is up to ten times faster (200 Mbps) than using Bluetooth, allowing for convenient and efficient sharing. Not only is the app useful for personal use, but it can also be beneficial in a work environment.

Beyond simple file sharing, SHAREit offers additional tools, such as transferring applications between devices when upgrading to a newer phone model. The application is developed by SHAREit Technologies Co., a trustworthy developer known for delivering high-quality products. As a result, you can be confident in the security and privacy of your data when using SHAREit.

To utilize SHAREit, ensure your device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Access the app, and on the main screen, select “Send” to open the file browser and choose the documents to transfer. Alternatively, initiate the download from the receiving device by connecting the devices and selecting “Receive.”

Rest assured that SHAREit is safe to use, as it features encrypted communications and prioritizes privacy. Regular updates are provided to enhance the app with new features, including cybersecurity improvements when potential vulnerabilities are detected.

The basic version of SHAREit is available for free, while a premium version comes at a cost, though it is not generally necessary. Upon downloading, follow the installation wizard and select your language preference, if desired.

In summary, SHAREit is a comprehensive solution for transferring files between devices quickly and securely. Its user-friendly interface, high-speed data transfer rates, and support for a variety of file types make it an excellent choice for file sharing.