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August 15, 2016

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Notes is a versatile and complimentary app that allows you to easily create and store notes on your Samsung device. As an official application offered by Samsung, it enables you to draft both text and drawing-based notes while incorporating multimedia elements such as images, audio files, and voice recordings. Furthermore, Samsung Notes boasts an effective organization system that simplifies note management. For users with an S-Pen compatible device, the app is specifically optimized to take full advantage of its digital pen features.

How to Use Samsung Notes

To begin using Samsung Notes, locate the app icon and tap on it. Simply tap the “+” button to create a new note. Assign a title, a description, and even include an attachment, if desired. Additionally, you can include a rating tag. Prioritize the information within the note before tapping “Save” to store it on your device. Utilize features such as the S Pen to draw, sync with Microsoft OneNote, create categories, and convert handwriting to text. Explore various pen styles, erasers, and formatting options like highlight, underline, and voice recordings to enhance your notes.

Where Samsung Notes Are Stored

Your notes within Samsung Notes are securely saved with a built-in protection system to prevent unauthorized access. To access these, synchronization with Samsung Cloud or Google Drive is necessary by using your Samsung account. This enables you to locate your notes, including PDFs and other files, without rooting your phone, which could void your warranty and cause potential issues.

A Must-Have App for Everyday Use

Samsung Notes is a powerful tool to create, categorize, and arrange notes for your professional, academic, or personal life. You’ll find features to import and edit images, manage reminders, search and share notes, and organize your content securely with password protection. Enhance your note-taking experience and never forget a thing again.