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8.0 and up



Released on

April 7, 2015

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3 Days Ago


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Health is an app to track both your health and athletic progress. Seamlessly connect it with other popular fitness apps like Endomondo, MapMyRun, and Fitbit, and even pair it with Samsung’s Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Watch accessories. Customize your wellness and fitness tracking using this user-friendly, all-in-one application.

What Samsung Health Offers and Its Purpose

Samsung Health is a free app designed to enhance your personal wellness. It provides home exercise routines with expert-created video tutorials, helping you manage sleep patterns and learn meditation techniques. The app also encourages sharing progress with friends or family, and includes features for tracking women’s health. Simply sign in with your Samsung account, enable 2-step verification, and customize your profile with a picture for added security of your health information.

What Measurements Can be Taken with Samsung Health?

With Samsung Health, you can track various health metrics such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, and sleep patterns. However, it doesn’t measure weight, calories, or caffeine intake.

How Samsung Health Operates

Samsung Health gathers data through manual inputs and syncing with external devices, presenting the information on its user interface. To maximize benefits, you need additional equipment and a Samsung account. Though it shares features with Google Fit and MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health offers distinct advantages like social components and video tutorials. It excels in tracking your physical activities on various phone models, enhancing your user experience on both Android and iOS platforms.

Health and Sport at Your Fingertips

With Samsung Health, you can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle by tracking your workouts and monitoring your goals. However, the app could benefit from additional tools, such as diet and nutrition, to optimize your well-being journey. Use compatible Samsung wearables, like Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit, to help track running, cycling, and other exercises while getting the most out of your fitness accessories and personalized coaching programs. Push the limits with challenges and stay committed to your goals for whole-body wellness.