Samsung Email







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Requires OS

8.0 and up



Released on

January 15, 2017

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Email is a convenient app tailored for Samsung smartphone and tablet users. It operates on Android 7.0 and later versions, offering an optimized interface similar to Gmail. With this app, managing your email accounts becomes effortless and efficient.

What is Samsung Email and its purpose?

Samsung Email is an email client specifically created for Samsung mobile devices. It allows you to manage an unlimited number of personal and business email accounts from various providers. The application simplifies email account management due to its compatibility with POP3 and IMAP.

The app integrates effortlessly with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), enabling seamless connection with your address book and calendar. Moreover, it supports extensive customization options, such as themes and notifications, catering to your preferences.

Samsung Email is beneficial for individuals and organizations seeking an effective email management solution on their devices.

Is Samsung Email Secure?

Samsung Email provides security on par with major email clients like Microsoft Outlook. With its S/MIME encryption system, it ensures secure email communication. Additionally, it features a user-friendly spam management platform and warns users about phishing messages attempting to impersonate individuals or organizations.

A Superior Choice for Email Management

Samsung Email offers a seamless experience for managing countless email accounts across various platforms. It caters to both personal and professional users with Samsung devices, making email organization effortless.