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April 23, 2019

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Dive into the world of Rival Stars Horse Racing, where you can experience the excitement of horse racing while managing your own ranch and stable. Your role as a stable manager involves training, feeding, and caring for your star horses as they compete in dynamic 3D races. The game offers lifelike graphics, extensive horse customization options, and a vast career mode to explore. You can also participate in online tournaments, vying for prizes and glory. This horse racing adventure is designed to provide you with thrilling and immersive gameplay as you restore your family’s horse racing legacy and establish your homestead ranch in story mode.

Rival Stars Horse Racing App Features

Experience a true-to-life horse racing adventure with the Rival Stars Horse Racing app. Dive into the world of horse racing as you breed, train, and race your own horses. Show off your skills as a jockey and your horse’s abilities in online tournaments against other players. Customize your horses’ appearances and statistics, and place bets using win-place-show, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta options.

With the app’s leaderboards and daily rewards system, you can track your progress and receive incentives for consistent play. The Rival Stars Horse Racing app offers a comprehensive and engaging riding experience for horse racing enthusiasts.

What are the benefits of using Rival Stars Horse Racing App?

The Rival Stars Horse Racing app offers numerous advantages to its users. One of the key aspects is the enhanced gameplay experience, as you can monitor your horses’ progress in real-time races and see how your decisions influence their performance.

Strategizing is essential in this app, as you need to make informed choices about training and racing your horses. This helps you develop a better understanding of horse racing and refine your skills. Additionally, the app promotes social interaction through online tournaments and multiplayer modes, allowing you to connect with fellow horse racing enthusiasts.

By offering a wide variety of horse breeds and a robust breeding system, the game encompasses multiple aspects of horse simulation. Moreover, the app lets you participate in live events, complete missions and upgrade facilities for an immersive and comprehensive experience. Easy accessibility across multiple platforms ensures that you can enjoy Rival Stars Horse Racing anytime, almost anywhere.

Rival Stars Horse Racing App Review

Developed by PikPok, a New Zealand-based game developer, Rival Stars Horse Racing is an engaging horse racing game available for iOS and Android devices. Stepping into the role of a horse racing trainer, you compete in various races to earn money and improve your stable.

The game boasts impressive graphics, including detailed 3D horse models and realistic environments. It also offers simple, intuitive controls to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Personalize your horses with distinct colors and patterns, and boost their stats like speed, stamina, and agility.

In the career mode, you are faced with an array of challenges as you progress from a novice jockey to a champion racer. Moreover, Rival Stars Horse Racing receives regular bug fixes and performance improvements, ensuring a satisfying gameplay experience.

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