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Requires OS

7.0 and up



Released on

December 23, 2019

Updated on

3 Days Ago



Reface Face Swap Videos allows you to easily swap your face with another, making it perfect for creating amusing memes featuring celebrities. With its user-friendly interface, you can generate funny videos, gender swaps, and share your creations on social media.

What is Reface?

Reface is an AI-powered face swap app that enables you to effortlessly exchange faces and create amusing memes using GIF format editing. With just a simple snap of your face, you can swap it with another, apply entertaining filters, and even compare your facial features with someone else’s to determine similarities. This AI face swap technology sets Reface apart from other meme-making tools like iMeme and Comic Life, which do not offer face-swapping capabilities. To top it off, the results you generate with Reface can easily be shared across various social media platforms. The app brings speed, ease, and a touch of fun to the world of AI video generation and face-swapping.

Assembling Entertaining Collages

With easy organization using folders or tags, your personalized collages featuring hilarious and innovative face swaps can showcase your creativity. Group your edited images based on themes, such as movie characters, and enjoy smooth searching along with customizable effects, multiple faces, photos, videos, and funny face filters.

Factors for Optimal Outcomes

When engaging in face-swapping, remember to focus on the entire face and utilize proper lighting to yield the best results. Avoid partial face replacements, and be aware that accessories like hats and beards may pose challenges. With accessible software on platforms like Android, a user-friendly interface ensures optimal privacy and enjoyment in creating face-swap videos.