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5.0 and up



Released on

August 5, 2012

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3 Days Ago



Pou is a popular virtual pet game created by Zakeh Limited, available on Android and iOS devices. In this app, you are tasked with taking care of your alien pet, Pou. You must feed, clean, and play with Pou to ensure its happiness. Customization options allow you to express your creativity with Pou’s appearance. Moreover, engaging in fun mini-games allows you to earn coins, purchasing items like food, clothing, and toys to enhance your Pou experiences.

Pou App Features

As a Pou app user, you can enjoy a wide array of features on your Android or tablet device. In this virtual pet game, you have the opportunity to customize your Pou’s appearance, including hairstyles, hats, eyes, and mouths. To keep Pou happy and healthy, you must feed it, play with it, and clean its environment.

By dressing up your Pou, you can explore various outfits and accessories from the in-game store. Earning and collecting coins through completing tasks and engaging in mini-games enables you to purchase items for your Pou. In addition to caring for your Pou, you can challenge yourself with a variety of mini-games and unlock achievements.

Feel free to explore new worlds within the game while continuing to customize your Pou and mastering different challenges. Download the Pou app on your mobile device and discover an entertaining and engaging platform that keeps you entertained!

What are the benefits of using Pou App?

Using the Pou App provides an enjoyable way for you to engage with a virtual pet while learning important life skills. The app enables you to personalize your alien pet’s appearance and experience care-taking responsibilities, such as feeding, exercising, and maintaining its health and happiness. By playing mini games, you can earn coins to further customize your pet while enjoying friendly interaction with other players. Overall, the Pou App offers a valuable and entertaining educational experience in pet care and responsibility.

Pou App Review

Pou is a charming app that invites you to care for a lovable virtual creature. Suitable for all ages, it’s conveniently available for free download. Boasting a plethora of enjoyable features, you can customize your Pou’s appearance, treating them to scrumptious snacks, engaging in delightful mini-games, and embarking on exhilarating adventures together.

The app dazzles with its colorful graphics and delightful gameplay that anyone can easily grasp. Don’t miss out on daily rewards as you consistently log in to interact with your Pou. Regardless of your age, this enthralling virtual pet game offers a plethora of activities and interactions, ensuring that both you and your digital companion remain engaged and captivated.

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