Short On Storage Space: Ways To Increase Internal Memory On Android

Any new smartphone, even with shining technical specifications slows down with time. Over time, a user begins to notice that the device is turned on much longer. When launching applications, many of them slow down, and the stability of the smartphone as a whole leaves much to be desired. This is the result of clogging […]

What Are Instant Apps And How To Use The Built-In Android Feature

The development of technology has dramatically expanded the capabilities of smartphones. The development of Google with each Update Android pleases users with improvements and new options. Starting with Android 6.0, the system’s functionality can use Instant Apps. Google’s innovative solution in the form of a built-in tool makes working with Play Market much more comfortable, […]

How To Overlay Music On Video On An Android Device

Cameras of modern smartphones allow you to shoot high-quality videos that can be processed directly on a mobile device and put on the Internet. Video editing will require special software installed from the official app store or network resources, as the standard functionality of the device does not provide such a possibility. With third-party programs […]

Different Ways To Trim Videos On An Android Smartphone

Smartphones are universal devices because, in addition to the actual function of the phone, they have a lot of features, including the ability to take photos and make videos. The process of compression and coding video stream is already initially laid in the Android operating system. Naturally, to trim any video or cut out of […]

How To Create Slow Or Fast-Track Videos With Android Apps

The viewer’s reaction and the impression of watching the video forms a lot of factors. In addition to the well-chosen plot, the presentation of visual information plays a significant role. Professionals know how to attract views to their work. To make the picture look more attractive, light, focus, and other compositional tricks are used, making […]

How To Play Youtube Videos In The Background On Android

The world’s most popular Video Hosting, YouTube provides users with video storage and viewing services, as well as the ability to share, evaluate, comment, and add videos to favorites. Despite the comprehensive functionality, there are limitations to the accessible version of the official YouTube app. For example, there are no plans to listen to content […]