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June 26, 2018

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The Pokémon Company

In Pokémon Quest, you embark on a thrilling adventure on Tumblecube Island, a unique world brimming with cube-shaped Pokémon. Developed by GAME FREAK inc and published by The Pokémon Company, this free-to-play mobile game was released on May 30, 2018, for iOS and Android devices.

As you venture through Tumblecube Island, you’ll engage in exciting battles with wild Pokémon, create valuable items, and cook up tasty recipes to befriend more of these cubic creatures. Along the way, customize your base camp and use decorations to lure additional Pokémon to your location.

In Pokémon Quest, strive to assemble a strong Pokémon team capable of conquering increasingly challenging obstacles. Go head-to-head against other players in online battles or partner with friends for thrilling co-op missions. With vibrant visuals and straightforward gameplay, Pokémon Quest offers an enjoyable experience, whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon fan or a newcomer to the franchise.

Pokémon Quest App Features

In Pokémon Quest, you can build your own team by choosing from over 100 different Pokémon to explore the Tumblecube Island. Customize your team with various items such as power stones and decorations for better results. Engage in turn-based battles against wild Pokémon, and take part in daily missions and rewards. You can also play mini-games and activities to further enhance your adventure. Join forces with your friends to take on challenging dungeons and defeat powerful bosses. Remember to utilize recipes for cooking dishes to attract new Pokémon and gain access to evolution and new moves. Enjoy simple controls and pick up tricks to improve your attack and training abilities throughout your journey.

What are the benefits of using Pokémon Quest App?

  • Straightforward Gameplay: Pokémon Quest’s touch-based controls are easy to learn and play, allowing you to become a Pokémon master in no time.
  • Enjoyable Experience: Featuring a colorful art style, catchy tunes, and thrilling battles, Pokémon Quest provides a fun and captivating action-filled adventure.
  • Social Interaction: Connect with friends in the game to exchange items or engage in battles, making your Pokémon experience more interactive.
  • Continuous Content: Remain entertained with daily missions, special events, and various rewards to explore and strengthen your gameplay.
  • Cross-Platform Playability: With availability on both Android and other platforms, immersing yourself in the Pokémon world is possible, no matter your device.

Pokémon Quest App Review

Pokémon Quest, available for both iOS and Android devices, is a mobile adaptation of the well-known Nintendo Switch game. As an RPG, you’ll venture across an island populated by wild Pokémon, battling and gaining experience points to level up. Along the way, you’ll collect items, create recipes, and customize your base camp to entice additional Pokémon to join your roster.

The visuals in Pokémon Quest are simplistic but endearing, featuring a blocky art style reminiscent of early Game Boy iterations. Complemented by upbeat and catchy tunes, the game offers a cheerful atmosphere.

Mastering the controls is a breeze, making Pokémon Quest accessible for both younger players and experienced gamers alike. With multiple difficulty settings, you can personalize your gameplay experience to fit your skill level. As you progress, expand your Pokedex, determine the best Pokémon for your in-game team, and utilize PM tickets to your advantage.

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Remember, although these apps may not have direct downloadable content (DLC) like Pokémon Quest, they still provide engaging and enjoyable gameplay. Try them out and expand your gaming library!