Pixel Car Racer







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Requires OS

4.1 and up



Released on

July 22, 2016

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Studio Furukawa

In Pixel Car Racer, you dive into a gripping racing game available for both Android and iOS devices. This retro arcade racer captivates gamers of all ages with its engaging gameplay. Your goal is to guide your car around a track, striving for the best time, while competing against others. Unleash your creativity by customizing your car with an array of parts and upgrades. The game also offers online races for further challenge. With its extensive career mode, you can progress through numerous levels, unlocking fresh cars, tracks, and upgrades along the way.

Pixel Car Racer App Features

In the Pixel Car Racer app, you can enjoy a range of features that make this racing game stand out. With over 100+ cars and 1,000+ car parts, you can create your dream garage and customize your vehicle to your heart’s content. Delve into the RPG-style tuning to optimize your car’s performance, and make use of the in-game livery designer to give your ride a unique look.

Experience the thrill of both drag and street game modes as you put your skills to the test on various tracks. Immerse yourself in the pixel art graphics and realistic engine system, complete with manual gear shifting and racing-style pedals. Additionally, you will be able to save your progress using cloud saving and compete with others in multiplayer mode.

Whether you prefer Japan, Euro, or US-style cars and parts, Pixel Car Racer has something for everyone.

What are the benefits of using Pixel Car Racer App?

Pixel Car Racer offers you an immersive and realistic gaming experience. Its unique physics engine ensures realistic car handling, tire grip, and acceleration. Plus, you can fully customize your cars and tracks for a truly personalized experience. The game also allows you to compete against others through online leaderboards and real-time tournaments, fostering an active community. Enjoy a clutter-free gaming experience, as Pixel Car Racer is frequently updated with bug fixes, optimizations, and improved privacy policies.

Pixel Car Racer App Review

Pixel Car Racer offers an engaging experience for those passionate about designing and racing their own pixel-style cars. The app presents numerous options for customization, enabling you to craft your ideal car from an array of parts and colors.

The game boasts a thorough career mode filled with challenges and races, as well as online multiplayer support. Its attractive graphics and simple controls make it easy to dive into this addictive gameplay. With abundant content, you’ll be occupied for hours on end.

Available for both Android 4.x or higher and iOS devices, Pixel Car Racer has received positive reviews from users. However, some users have reported occasional crashes and bugs, which may require attention from the developers. Nonetheless, this app comes across as an enjoyable and worthwhile option for car enthusiasts and racing game fans.

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