Parchisi STAR Online







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Requires OS

4.4 and up



Released on

February 17, 2017

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Gameberry Labs

Experience Parcheesi, the classic board game, in a digital format with Parchisi STAR Online. This free game, created by Gameberry Labs, allows up to four players to enjoy this engaging pastime with friends or family on your Android device.

Distinctive Features of Parchisi STAR Online

Parchisi STAR Online, a strategic board game, offers enticing features, making it stand out among similar apps like iNet Parchis and LcParchis. It boasts enhanced graphics, providing a visually appealing gaming experience. What’s more, Parchisi STAR Online is free to play, with flexibility in game modes like 1-on-1, 3-player, and 2-vs-2 matches.

To play the game, you’re equipped with a board containing 68 spaces, 2 dice, and 4 pieces. Your goal is to move all pieces from the starting point to the center. Rolling the dice dictates the number of spaces your piece advances. Unlike traditional Parcheesi, this version allows repeat dice rolls using in-game gems.

Additionally, the game includes a betting system using symbolic money. As you win, you receive all the money wagered. Parchisi STAR Online also provides various ways to earn coins for free. Remember to take advantage of the game’s customization features for your profile and dice.

Conquer Chests, Prizes, Gems, and Achievements

While you advance in the game, leveling up unlocks new options and achievements. By achieving more, you’ll earn valuable rewards. Don’t forget to open your daily magic chests, which contain various prizes to further enhance your gameplay. As a strategy-based game, Parcheesi pushes you to improve your tactics, leading to more complex achievements as your skills grow.

Parchisi STAR Online Connects You to the World

With Parchisi STAR Online, you have the opportunity to connect with thousands of players worldwide and even play with your Facebook friends. Utilize the in-app chat to discuss moves and share emoticons during your game from your mobile or tablet.