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5.1 and up



Released on

March 6, 2013

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Moodle Pty Ltd.

Moodle offers a versatile space for education, providing you with a vast array of online tools to optimize both teaching and learning experiences. Engage in courses, forums, and quizzes, while exploring MoodleNet for open educational resources and collaborative tools to enhance your learning journey.

What is Moodle and what is it for?

Moodle is an online learning platform that offers a customizable virtual teaching environment for students, teachers, and administrators. As a learning management system (LMS), it assists educators in streamlining their tasks, enables learners to concentrate on their coursework, and simplifies the process of setting up virtual courses and classrooms.

Comparable to other applications like Google Classroom, Moodle provides a variety of features for digital education. However, it stands out by establishing optimal spaces for managing and overseeing remote learning activities in educational institutions or organizations. This versatile LMS equips instructors, professors, and educators to effectively teach and support their students in an online setting.

Functional, Simple, and Intuitive

With Moodle’s intuitive graphical interface, you can effortlessly manage your online courses. The adaptable dashboard caters to various teaching methods and educational institutions. Your customisable user panel keeps you up-to-date on assignments and grading. Integrated email notifications keep you informed, streamlining your overall e-learning experience.

How to Access the Moodle Platform

To access Moodle, enter the URL of your educational center’s Moodle site in a web browser. Moodle supports almost all internet browsers. Locate the “Access” button at the top right corner of the page and click on it. You will need to enter your username and password, which should be provided by your school’s technical support.

Once you’ve logged into your Moodle account, you can create and manage online and blended learning courses effortlessly as an administrator. Moodle allows you to handle teaching resources, track student progress, and generate reports after evaluation. Additionally, you can establish communication channels and collaborative learning spaces to enhance the learning experience. Remember to prioritize security and adjust preferences according to your needs.