Modern Strike Online







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Requires OS

5.1 and up



Released on

August 11, 2016

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Azur Interactive Games Limited

Immerse yourself in the intense action of Modern Strike Online, a cutting-edge FPS game. Hone your shooting skills, arm yourself with powerful weapons, and dive into various combat modes in this thrilling gun game that will test your mettle from the very beginning.

Execute the Most Wanted Terrorists

In Modern Strike Online, you’ll immerse yourself in the role of an elite commando with the crucial mission of eliminating dangerous terrorists scattered around the globe. Whether you prefer single or multiplayer mode, the game offers a diverse range of weapons and detailed maps to help you successfully complete each mission.

With impressive graphics and engaging gameplay, you will not encounter a dull moment in the game. Choose from a selection of seven maps to strategize and locate enemies quickly. Additionally, the game offers three different combat modes to adapt and overcome various hostile encounters.

To enhance your experience, make use of customization options and in-game purchases for upgrading equipment, character customization, and perfecting weapons. Manage your character’s skill trees, and choose from various skins and customizations. Don’t miss out on daily rewards, as well as items available in the in-game store.

Collaborate with your friends to establish your own rules of engagement or follow the directives of your command. Equip yourself with the right tools and skills, and confidently execute your mission of eradicating the most wanted terrorists within the world of Modern Strike Online.

Sublime Graphics Elevate Objectives

In this first person shooter game, you’ll experience remarkable graphics that showcase detailed scenarios and lifelike characters, contributing to the dynamic gameplay. With 25 distinct weapons at your disposal, such as submachine guns, pistols, shotguns, grenades, and armor, you can customize each aspect—including the sight, grip, camouflage, and barrel—to suit your preferences.

The gameplay in this FPS shooter stands up to other similar games, requiring a certain level of skill from you as a player. Controls are user-friendly and flexible, allowing you to easily maneuver your character throughout the various locations with a 360-degree camera to ensure you don’t miss anything. Download this visually-striking game and enjoy the immersive experience provided by its developer.

Fight Bravely and Await Your Next Mission

Modern Strike Online offers an excellently designed PvP FPS experience for all shooting game enthusiasts. As you engage in fast-paced battles with teammates in various multiplayer modes, such as deathmatch, TDM, hardcore, and point capture, the rich character development and immersive environments will make each mission enjoyable and challenging.

Graphics quality, synchronized sounds, and smooth gameplay make this game a solid choice. Moreover, with numerous missions to participate in and a leaderboard to climb, you’ll be motivated to continuously improve your performance without worrying about occupied storage space. So wait no more, and dive into gripping online PvP multiplayer battles today!