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7.0 and up



Released on

April 19, 2017

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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft To Do is a versatile productivity tool designed for iOS, Android, and Windows devices to help you stay organized and always on top of your tasks. With this app, you can effortlessly create lists and tasks, ensuring you keep track of all your upcoming activities. It also enables you to set reminders, delegate tasks to others, and share lists to coordinate with friends and family. Put simply, Microsoft To Do serves as your reliable partner in staying on track with your important tasks and deadlines.

Microsoft To Do: App Features for Organizing Tasks

With Microsoft To Do, you can effortlessly manage your tasks and stay productive. You can:

  • Create and organize multiple to-do lists
  • Set reminders and due dates for tasks
  • Assign tasks to others and collaborate on projects
  • Share lists with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Keep track of task progress and project completion
  • Sync your data across devices for easy access
  • Personalize the app with different themes

Use the planner feature “My Day” for a customized daily task overview and effectively tackle your responsibilities.

Benefits of Microsoft To Do: Lists & Tasks App

Using Microsoft To Do offers numerous advantages to help you manage and organize your tasks effectively. Here are some key benefits:

  • Ease of Use: You can effortlessly set up and use the app, quickly creating lists and tasks for yourself or your team.
  • Syncing: Your lists and tasks are synced across devices, ensuring you stay up-to-date no matter where you are.
  • Planning: Set due dates for each task and organize them into categories or subcategories for better planning.
  • Reminders: Schedule reminders for yourself or assign them to colleagues to prevent tasks from being overlooked or forgotten.
  • Collaboration: Microsoft To Do enables you to collaborate and share lists with your colleagues, making teamwork seamless and efficient. You can also add notes and receive notifications to stay on top of your tasks.

Microsoft To Do: Lists & Tasks App Review

Microsoft To Do enhances your productivity by helping you organize tasks, set reminders, and track progress. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the app allows you to create lists, add tasks with due dates, notes, and reminders. You can prioritize tasks with stars or color-coding.

The user-friendly interface presents a clear dashboard that displays all your lists, enabling you to switch between them without navigating complex menus. This easy-to-use app is designed with simplicity in mind, making it efficient for managing your tasks.

Incorporating Outlook integration, Microsoft To Do syncs seamlessly with your personal account, allowing you to stay on top of tasks and deadlines. The app also offers built-in suggestions for common tasks such as grocery shopping and errands, keeping your workload manageable and organized.

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