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October 11, 2017

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Magic Tavern, Inc.

In the Matchington Mansion game, you find yourself immersed in a world where your goal is to renovate a grand mansion. As you solve match-3 puzzles, you collect essential items to unlock and decorate various rooms within the mansion. Alongside this, you uncover hidden stories and interact with intriguing characters, including your mischievous cousin. The game even offers power-ups to help you progress and an in-game store to purchase additional items for customization. Enjoy personalizing the mansion and dive into a delightful gaming experience!

Matchington Mansion App Features

In Matchington Mansion, you can enjoy engaging match-3 puzzles by swapping and matching pillows to progress in the game. Along the way, earn coins to purchase furniture and decorations, allowing you to give your mansion a unique makeover. You can compete with friends and family members to complete levels, challenge each other in the matching gameplay, and unlock hidden rooms by solving puzzles throughout the mansion.

As you explore Matchington Mansion, you’ll encounter various boosters and power-up combos to enhance your gameplay experience. You can also customize your character with a selection of clothing and hairstyles as you immerse yourself in the world of matching puzzles and mansion renovation.

What are the benefits of using Matchington Mansion App?

As you play Matchington Mansion, you’ll find numerous benefits, such as:

  • Engaging gameplay: This app offers a fun and entertaining experience catering to players across all age groups.
  • Personalized mansion: Matchington Mansion lets you customize and furnish your mansion with unique decor items.
  • Social aspect: You have the opportunity to interact with friends, join a community of players, and share helpful tips and tricks for success in the game.
  • Creativity boost: Designing and redecorating rooms using various items encourages your creative side.
  • Free to play: Enjoy Matchington Mansion without spending a dime, as it is available for free download and play.

Matchington Mansion App Review

Matchington Mansion offers an engaging match-3 puzzle experience that lets you unlock new mansion rooms and adorn them with various furniture and decorations. The game provides vibrant graphics, ensuring lively visuals while progressing through levels. You’ll also enjoy the delightful music that enhances the game’s ambiance.

While playing, you’ll discover challenging levels with intuitive controls that cater to all age groups. Additionally, a range of entertaining mini-games help keep you hooked. The game also features a social component, allowing you to connect with Facebook friends and compete against them.

Bear in mind that it’s a free-to-play game, but in-app purchases are available, adding a payment feature. The age rating recommends this game for players 8 years and older. Though Matchington Mansion has been through various updates to fix bugs and improve gameplay, always review the latest version’s terms of service to understand your rights and obligations as a player.

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