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Lokicraft. 25001

Requires OS

4.0 and up



Released on

April 26, 2019

Updated on

3 Days Ago



LokiCraft is a stand-alone mobile game that draws inspiration from the renowned game, Minecraft. The blocky appearance and crafting mechanics evoke a familiar experience. With LokiCraft, no additional installation or launcher is needed. You can dive into a fully creative environment, constructing elements, buildings, and tools to your heart’s content. In this game, your imagination is the only limit! Play LokiCraft to channel your creativity and experience the joy of building your very own pixelated world.

What can you do in LokiCraft?

In LokiCraft, you can craft various items using an extensive range of materials available in your inventory. Immerse yourself in a vast world filled with possibilities, freely constructing whatever your imagination envisions. Experience the game from a first-person perspective, while enjoying the ability to adjust camera settings as needed. As you delve deeper into LokiCraft’s gameplay, discover various tools and weapons that can elevate your creations and make the exploration process smoother.

What Game Modes are Available in LokiCraft?

LokiCraft offers two primary game modes for you to enjoy. The Creative Mode allows you complete freedom to construct whatever you wish and explore the vast map without limitations. However, unlike Minecraft, LokiCraft does not feature a Survival Mode or other original modes.

Have Fun Building What You Prefer

With LokiCraft, the struggle for resources becomes a thing of the past, as your inventory boasts unlimited supplies. Tap into your imagination and freely craft impressive creations that are only limited by your creativity. Build to your heart’s content, and enjoy the boundless potential of this intriguing game world.