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November 11, 2013

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Microsoft Corporation

The Intune Company Portal App, developed by Microsoft, serves as a convenient management platform for IT professionals, facilitating their efforts in overseeing an organization’s mobile devices. By utilizing this solution, employees can securely access vital corporate resources such as emails, files and apps. Key features of the Company Portal App include simple device enrollment, compliance policy checks, access to available applications, and quick IT assistance. Moreover, the platform enables organizations to offer remote support for users encountering technical difficulties.

Intune Company Portal App Features

The Intune Company Portal App offers numerous capabilities that empower organizations to effectively manage their user devices and applications. Some key aspects are:

  • Device Enrollment: Enabling you to effortlessly register your device with Intune, granting your organization the authority to manage it.
  • App Management: Allowing administrators to deploy, configure, and track applications on user devices.
  • Conditional Access: Providing administrators the ability to regulate access to company resources based on device compliance or user identity.
  • Security Policies: Facilitating the establishment of security configurations for devices, including password criteria, encryption settings, and remote wipe features.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Delivering valuable insights into device usage and app performance across your organization’s collection of devices.
  • Self-Service Portal: Granting users access to their settings, diagnostics, and app installations, fostering user autonomy and reducing the burden on IT support.

The Advantages of Utilizing Intune Company Portal App

Leveraging the Intune Company Portal App offers numerous benefits for both employees and organizations. Here is a summary of the key advantages:

  • Fast and secure access to work-related resources: With Intune Company Portal App, employees can easily retrieve emails, documents, applications, and other crucial data on their enrolled devices while maintaining a secure environment.
  • Enhanced security measures: The app ensures that only authorized users have access to necessary resources, safeguarding organizational data from potential threats like malware or ransomware.
  • Boosted productivity levels: By enabling employees to access essential information on their devices, this app fosters workplace efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost-effective solution: Organizations can save on expenses by employing the Intune Company Portal App, as it eliminates the requirement for physical hardware or software licenses per employee.

Remember to use your work or school account for enrollment and proper device management when implementing the Intune Company Portal App on Windows, macOS, or other enrolled devices.

Intune Company Portal App Review

The Intune Company Portal App is designed to assist organizations in managing mobile devices and safeguarding corporate data. With this app, users can securely access company resources, view device information, and receive notifications about security updates or policy changes. Additionally, it offers a secure channel for employees to access important company resources like emails, calendars, contacts, and documents.

With a 4 out of 5 stars rating, the Intune Company Portal App is user-friendly and provides organizations with a secure way to manage their mobile devices. Its intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and utilization of its features. Some standout functionalities include remote wipe capabilities and the option to restrict access to specific apps or websites.

As a user of the Intune Company Portal App, you can trust in its capacity to maintain the privacy and productivity you need for your business. However, there is always room for improvement in certain areas of the app.

Apps that are Similar to Intune Company Portal App

While Intune Company Portal is a popular solution for managing corporate resources and devices, there are other options available that cater to different needs and preferences. Some notable apps that offer similar services include:

  • MobileIron AppConnect: This app offers you secure access to your corporate email, applications, and data on various mobile devices, ensuring the seamless integration of company resources on multiple platforms.
  • AirWatch Agent: With this app, you can confidently access your organization’s networks and applications without sacrificing security or privacy, no matter which device you’re using.
  • BlackBerry UEM Client: Providing secure access to corporate resources across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices, this app allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere with the assurance of secure connection to your company’s assets.
  • Citrix XenMobile: Similar to the other apps mentioned, Citrix XenMobile enables you to securely connect to your corporate networks and applications on a variety of device types, ensuring a unified experience across different operating systems.

These alternatives to Intune Company Portal can be found in various app stores and cater to a range of end users, device types, and group licenses, all while maintaining a focus on secure access to essential Microsoft 365 apps and corporate resources.