The Hulu app is a TV streaming service for anyone with an internet connection. With the Hulu app’s live TV, on-demand movies, and popular TV shows, you can watch what you want whenever you want. Select from over 50 channels of ad-supported TV programming or upgrade to the paid version to unlock more content without ads. Once your account has been set up, you won’t need to download any additional apps, so you can start watching right away.


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How to download the Hulu app

To download the Hulu app to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device from within the iTunes App Store. Likewise for Android devices, download the Hulu app from the Google Play store.

The Hulu app also comes with included features like Chromecast support, multi-device viewing on free unlimited screens and to more easily browse the content you want. Downloading your favorite shows is instant thanks to embedded video links within each show’s description page, so even when one episode ends another will be available right away that is ready to start watching immediately after finishing the last.


The Hulu app is a popular app that allows users a way to watch their favorite live TV, current movies and TV shows from many top networks like Comedy Central, BBC America, FX, TBS,, Showtime, Syfy and many others.

We were able to use the Hulu app with a computer and no problems could be found. The movie and TV show streams worked smoothly and showed very high audio/visual quality or quick buffering, depending on whether or not we were connected to wi-fi or had a data connection. With the help of a Chromecast and tablets, we were able to simply fire the video to the streaming device and it would play on the TV. Hulu can be browsed and played using Chromecast, which is one of the latest innovations in home cinema.

One of our favorite features that Hulu offers is Chromecast support. Using Chromecast, you can wirelessly stream videos from streaming apps like Hulu. The good news about working with Chromecast and Hulu’s Chromecast support, is that you can watch your favorite shows on the TV and you can pick up and pause that show in any room. For example, you can watch the latest episode of Handmaid’s Tale on Netflix in your bedroom on your mobile device and it will be paused right where you left off when you come downstairs to Hulu TV shows on Chromecast.

Through the app, you’ll be able to scroll through the numerous programming options. You’ll note that there are at least 2,000 hours of HD movies and series, which we found to actually be 4,000 programs available when watching in 4K Ultra HD streaming quality. There are many channels to choose from such as FOX, Disney, Comedy Central, Syfy, A&E, TBS, Discovery and many more. That’s almost 100% sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Just like broadcasting live TV, except with Hulu it is streamed over the internet.

Hulu makes it easy to navigate through channels with a distinct voice search function that can be quite helpful if you know the channel name or if you’ve recently viewed a channel and would like to watch it again without the search function. The film and TV show selection is quite extensive and there is a section that is often updated with the latest popular films, most rated films and music videos on a daily basis.

These selections are pretty much guaranteed to be top combinations of popular films & television that are available. Hulu has the tried and true “continue watching option” which is one of our favourite features of ours, as having the option to watch something over again is priceless and goes without data charges.

They don’t limit days which is something I find with the Amazon app, where the selection is reduced to shows that were aired the day before they aired. Hulu makes it easy to choose something new to watch by offering different recommendations based on what you have watched and looking up shows based on specific time frames. Searching a show on Hulu is no problem and it’ll put a list together to give you all possible options by publishing information on a detail page.

We tried out “Travel channels” to see if it would give me anything else to watch, it turns out it gave me a much shorter list of available movies. The app relies on your searches, so if you don’t search for anything within a certain genre the app will just list anything within that genre. For example, I searched “Action movies” and the list returned results from Jimmy Camp.

This is not necessarily bad, but some people may prefer it if it only showed them movies from the action genre instead of tv shows. You can also limit your search to your favorite networks, should you wish. It comes in handy for someone who has just subscribed to Amazon Prime and finds the new app too “complex” for a simple interface, yet anyone can easily navigate the Hulu app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

With the paid subscription version of Hulu Live TV, you will have access to live TV and all of the available on-demand content that you see, plus all of the other premium features like enhanced cloud DVR, allowing you to watch your TV shows and movies when you are ready. Featuring a new, easy-to-use interface and a dedicated sports page with scores and highlights, with TV and on-demand options all under one roof, the Hulu Live TV delivers some premier features for the price.

Overall, the Hulu app is the simplest way to try out a live TV streaming service. With more top TV shows and movies than any other streaming video service currently available, the Hulu app is well worth your time. Between the new tips and tricks we’ve just discussed, something tells us you’re going to be quite satisfied. And if you’re already a subscription to Hulu with TV, you’ll have a variety of streaming options with the Hulu app for your enjoyment. With original shows like the “Handmaid’s Tale” nominated and winning multiple awards, classic television favorites like “Power,” and international TV programming, you’re sure to have a great time watching your favorite shows and movies on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device.

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