Hill Climb Racing







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Requires OS

4.4 and up



Released on

September 22, 2012

Updated on

3 Days Ago



In Hill Climb Racing, mastering the art of controlling your 4×4 vehicle is essential. Pay close attention to the terrain and adapt your driving style to conquer those unique hill climbing environments. Upgrade your truck, race car, or any of the variety of vehicles with unique upgrades by investing in tires, engine, and suspension improvements. Knowing when to accelerate or brake is crucial to avoid overturning, so gather gasoline and treasures wisely. Keep practicing, and you’ll overcome even the most challenging terrains.

Don’t Overturn the Car!

To succeed in Hill Climb Racing, your main goal is to drive as far as possible without flipping the vehicle. You’ll need to skillfully control the gas and brake pedals, using the bumpy terrain to your advantage. As you progress through various scenarios (countryside, desert, arctic, and lunar landscape), collect coins to upgrade your vehicle or purchase new ones such as motorcycles and racing cars. Keep an eye on your fuel levels to avoid running out – it adds a unique challenge to the game.

Unimpressive Visuals, Remarkable Physics

While the graphics in Hill Climb Racing may not be visually stunning, the game excels in its in-game physics system. In a physics-based driving game like this, the focus is more on mastering control and skill instead of dazzling visual effects. The physics simulation offers highly responsive vehicle suspension that adapts realistically to various terrains. The game’s controls are easy to pick up, but true mastery of the sensitive pedals can prove to be a challenging feat, ensuring an engaging experience for any player.

Its Simplicity Will Get You Hooked

Hill Climb Racing captivates you with its addictive nature despite its modest graphics. Embrace the challenge of diverse hill climbing environments using a wide variety of cars.