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January 24, 2018

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Have you been searching for a way to unwind after a long day? Look no further! Happy Color, a free color-by-number app, offers a vast and diverse coloring book to help you destress. With a simple click-to-paint mechanism, users can immerse themselves in color, providing a calming and focused activity designed to relieve stress.

Not only does Happy Color boast an intuitive interface, but it also features collaborations with well-known brands like Disney, making it the top choice for coloring enthusiasts. Although the app’s concept appears straightforward, it manages to capture the imagination of users worldwide, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Give Happy Color a try and discover the relaxation and creativity it can bring to your daily routine.

Happy Color Features

Happy Color is an app designed to help you unwind and destress through a paint-by-numbers experience on your phone. With a plethora of unique pictures to choose from, you can express yourself creatively by coloring digital art. Happy Color offers an expansive range of categories, including nature, fashion, Disney, Marvel, comics, and cartoons, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Designed by X-Flow, Happy Color has gained immense popularity since its release in July 2018. The app provides exclusive pictures from Disney and Marvel, allowing you to color your favorite superheroes and famous characters, all within an easy-to-follow numbers system.

Not only can you channel your creativity through coloring on Happy Color, but you can also share your finished masterpieces with your friends on Facebook or Instagram, or even within the app’s online community. The simple yet engaging concept eliminates the mess of traditional paint-by-numbers and makes the creative moment enjoyable and accessible, right from your phone.

Installing Happy Color

Happy Color is accessible for free on both iOS and Android devices. To install the app, visit either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. For iOS users, devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running on iOS 12.0 or later are compatible. For Mac users, macOS 11.0 or later is required.

For Android users, make sure your device is supported before downloading. Take note, the app cannot be installed on computers.

Keep in mind that Happy Color is quite sizable due to the numerous pictures it contains. This may affect the memory space on your device.

Pay attention to the in-app purchases, age rating, and privacy policy before installing the app to ensure it suits your preferences. Remember to enjoy coloring in a user-friendly and creative environment.

Who Is Happy Color For?

Happy Color targets users aged 12 and above, offering diverse images that cater to both children and adults. The app presents an opportunity for family bonding, with artistically inclined members of all ages exploring the vast range of pictures available.

However, keep in mind that some images may not be suitable for very young children, and a few may push the limits of family-friendliness. To ensure a wholesome experience, it’s advisable for parents to download the app and preselect images for their children to color.

Be aware that some ads on Happy Color may not be entirely appropriate for younger audiences.

The app’s multilingual support spans 20 languages, including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. This broad linguistic coverage enables users from different cultures to easily navigate through the app and enjoy the global appeal of art.

Overall, Happy Color fosters inclusive art experiences, allowing artists and aspiring creators of various ages and cultural backgrounds to immerse themselves in a world full of color and creativity.

In-App Purchases

Happy Color, a free coloring app, provides several in-app purchase options to enhance your experience. You can opt for a one-time payment to remove ads, ensuring a smoother and uninterrupted gaming session. However, some users have reported that ads persist even after making this purchase.

Ads appear as banner ads and video ads between puzzles and can sometimes disrupt the user experience. Moreover, the app offers exclusive picture packs for purchase, such as collaborations with popular franchises like Marvel. These extra packs bring variety and excitement to coloring enthusiasts.

Nonetheless, you can delight in Happy Color’s offerings without making any additional purchases, enjoying the game in its free version.

An App That Helps You Relax


  • Discover a vast variety of pictures to color
  • No cost to download the app
  • Fresh pictures added frequently
  • Partnerships with well-known brands


  • Advertisements may interrupt your relaxation
  • Takes up a considerable amount of memory space on your device

With the Happy Color app, immerse yourself into an appealing universe of black and white images just waiting to be filled with vibrance. You will quickly find captivating designs to color based on your preferences.

Choose a design and the app will provide you with a palette. Select a color, and the areas designated for that hue will light up. Tap to fill those areas and watch your image come alive. Once done, you can watch a mesmerizing animation of your coloring process.

If you encounter difficulties locating specific areas to color, don’t worry! You can earn helpful hints by watching animations. The app aims to offer a calming and methodical experience, allowing you to enjoy choosing a picture and coloring with ease.

As you get absorbed into the process, you might be surprised at how much time flies by. With new images added daily and the option to access more through Happy Color’s social media, running out of pictures is unlikely.

Despite some drawbacks, like repetitive actions and the lack of creativity due to predetermined colors, Happy Color stands out as a relaxing choice with an extensive array of images.

Similar Apps

There are several coloring apps to explore besides Happy Color. For instance, you can try Paint By Numbers Coloring Game by DAILYINNOVATION Co., LIMITED, or Paint By Numbers by Zephyrmobile. Browse your app store to discover even more options to satisfy your coloring needs.

Final Thoughts

In this section of the article, you’ve discovered how Happy Color offers a wide variety of immersive coloring experiences to help you unwind. Embrace the simplicity and enjoy the stress-relieving moments with this engaging paint-by-numbers game.