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December 13, 2013

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A reliable and convenient mobile app for your land surveying needs is the GPS Fields Area Measure App, enabling you to measure areas, distances, and perimeters using advanced GPS technology. With this app, you can effortlessly create accurate maps of any plot and assess distances between two points on your smartphone or tablet.

The app offers detailed data about an area, such as elevation, slope, and coordinates, and allows you to calculate acreage, hectares, or square kilometers. It’s an ideal solution for land surveying, construction projects, and other field measurement tasks, making your job easier and more precise.

GPS Fields Area Measure App Features

The GPS Fields Area Measure app offers you essential features to make measuring and managing land areas efficient and accurate. With this app, you can:

  • Measure the area of any shape, such as polygons, circles, or rectangles, and receive accurate calculations in square meters or hectares.
  • Track distance and perimeter for any shape or field, allowing you to precisely measure your land area and plan accordingly.
  • Share your measurements with others via email or text message, making it particularly useful for farmers collaborating with stakeholders in their agricultural business.
  • Save measurements for future reference and easy access.
  • Add photos to measurements for better documentation and visualization.
  • Mark locations with Points of Interest (POI) for convenient and precise marking.
  • Export and import data in various formats, such as .kml, .kmz, and Esri shapefiles, for seamless integration with other applications.
  • Customize and group your measurements by changing colors for better organization and easier monitoring.

What are the benefits of using GPS Fields Area Measure App?

  • User-friendly: Measure your property’s area swiftly with just your smartphone or tablet.
  • Precision: Obtain accurate area measurements utilizing GPS coordinates.
  • Cost and time efficient: Forget about pricey surveying equipment or manual computations.
  • Report generation: Export data into PDFs or spreadsheets for further examination and tracking.
  • Multiple units: Measurements available in acres, hectares, square feet, meters, kilometers, miles, etc.
  • Custom shapes: Draw polygons in any shape or size to measure the precise area required.
  • Offline functionality: Reliably measure even without an active internet connection.

GPS Fields Area Measure App Review

GPS Fields Area Measure is an efficient app that allows you to measure the area of any field or land using GPS technology. Boasting an easy-to-use interface, you simply draw the perimeter of the desired area on the map, followed by clicking the ‘calculate’ button to receive an instant result. The app caters to various preferences by providing the area in both acres and hectares.

Regarding the app’s accuracy, it accounts for elevation changes while calculating the area to ensure precise results every time you use it. Privacy policy details and premium subscription options can be found within the app, while auto-renewing in-app purchases ensure a seamless experience as you continue to use the app’s features. With the GPS Fields Area Measure app at your fingertips, confidently survey and evaluate fields or lands with ease and accuracy.

Apps Similar to GPS Fields Area Measure App

Several apps offer functionalities like GPS Fields Area Measure, which can enhance your land measurements and calculations. These alternatives are great, especially if you’re exploring different options for measuring land areas:

  • Area Calculator: With this app, you can easily calculate areas for various shapes just by entering their dimensions. Additionally, it computes perimeters, volumes, and more.
  • Land Measure: Designed for quick and precise land area measurements, this app utilizes your device’s GPS capabilities to deliver accurate results.
  • Map Measure Pro: This multifunctional app measures areas and distances on maps while enabling you to save each measurement for future reference.
  • Measure Map Pro: Offering an array of measurement units, this app allows you to determine distances and areas, save them as images, and share them via email or social media.
  • GeoMeasure: Another reliable app providing similar features to efficiently measure land areas.

These apps provide various functionalities to help you make informed decisions when measuring land and sharing results with others.