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July 24, 2013

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Google has advanced its efforts in bringing Android games to your Windows PC with the free Google Play Games app. While sharing the name with its mobile counterpart, this app is tailored for the computer experience. Comparing it to the BlueStacks App Player, this official Google Play version assures top-notch performance and playability on your PC.

What is the Google Play Games Application?

Google Play Games is an app that enables you to enjoy your favorite Android games on your computer, providing easy access and a wide selection of games to users from many countries.

How Google Play Games Operates

Google Play Games syncs your devices, allowing you to switch games and access your library effortlessly. By using your Google account, your progress is synchronized across devices. Furthermore, you can earn and redeem Google Play Points.

Experiencing Google Play Games on PC

The Google Play Games PC experience offers you new controls and mechanics, utilizing mouse and keyboard inputs. However, for an optimal gaming experience, be aware that the minimum system requirements can be relatively high.

A Look at Google Play Games Offerings

Over 40 games were initially launched on the Google Play Games beta. Accessing these games, which were initially exclusive to mobile devices, is now possible from larger monitors. Expect continuous addition of new titles on the platform.