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5.0 and up



Released on

November 5, 2013

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3 Days Ago


Google LLC

With Google Opinion Rewards, you can effortlessly earn free credits for Google Play. By taking part in quick surveys, your valuable opinions provide you with rewards that can be spent on a variety of content in the Play Store, such as apps, games, books, movies, and TV shows. Typically, each survey is worth around $0.75. This handy app helps you accumulate store credit without reaching for your credit card, making paid content more accessible.

Spend a Few Minutes on Surveys for Real Credits

By dedicating a few minutes to answering surveys, you can earn real credits. Google Opinion Rewards, an app designed for Android smartphones and tablets, is an effective way to obtain this benefit. Once you’ve provided some personal information upon installing the app, you’ll receive customized survey invitations, generally about one a week, albeit with possible variations depending on your profile.

These surveys, containing questions on various topics, allow you to share your opinions, product reviews, and ratings on a wide range of subjects. By completing these quick, location-based surveys, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

The amount you can earn per survey may differ, but for each completed survey, Google will deposit a sum of approximately €0.75 into your account. You can then spend these earnings on Google Play, using them to access apps, games, and other content without restrictions.

This system presents a straightforward, efficient way for you to get paid for sharing your valuable opinions and insights through survey participation.

An Intuitive and Convenient Interface for Any Audience

The app’s design boasts simplicity and effectiveness, appealing to users across various devices, including Android, iOS, iPhone, and iPad. The app ensures you are quickly informed about your available balance, access to Google Play to utilize it, and the surveys you can take in that moment, thanks to its striking green and blue elements.

Upon beginning a survey, you’ll notice a clear question accompanied by answer options below. Simply select your choice, and proceed with the “Next” button to navigate through the survey. This user-friendly interface caters to a diverse audience, irrespective of age ratings or lifestyle.

Regular updates, including UI improvements and bug fixes, ensure a seamless experience. Furthermore, notifications inform you of new surveys, so no opportunities are missed.

Google Knows Your Opinion Holds Monetary Value

By using Google Opinion Rewards, you can transform your opinions into earnings, providing a solution for limited budgets when it comes to purchasing apps. Answering consumer surveys through this app grants you up to €0.75 per completed survey. As you engage with more surveys, your Google Play credit increases, making previously inaccessible apps more attainable.

Remember, this app gathers information such as:

  • Usage data
  • Contact info
  • User content
  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostics

This not only benefits you by unlocking paid apps but also aids market researchers in understanding consumer preferences. Seize the opportunity and start accumulating credit with Google Opinion Rewards!