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4.0 and up



Released on

August 12, 2013

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3 Days Ago


RobTop Games

Geometry Dash is a unique action platformer in which music takes center stage. Drawing inspiration from titles like Rez Infinite and Super Mario Bros, this game features simplistic graphics and accessible gameplay. Visually, it shares similarities with Super Meat Boy but includes more vibrant visual effects.

The core gameplay combines jumping mechanics and rhythm synchronization, making it engaging and challenging. This platformer also offers extra modes such as Geometry Dash SubZero, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash Lite, which enhances replayability and fosters an active community of players.

How to Play Geometry Dash

In Geometry Dash, your task is to guide your character, a cube, through numerous levels filled with obstacles. As the cube auto-scrolls to the right, you need to tap or click at the right moments to make it jump. The jumps should be synchronized with the soundtrack, thus adding an extra layer of challenge and focus. To succeed, you’ll require skillful timing and a good sense of rhythm. Rockets and balls may appear during the game, and you’ll need to apply the same concepts of synchronizing jumps and flying with the music. Remember to use practice mode to perfect your skills and conquer each level with confidence.

How to Complete Levels in Geometry Dash

To successfully complete levels in Geometry Dash, you’ll need to navigate through various obstacles and dangers while controlling a constantly moving character. Throughout the 18 levels available, you’ll encounter transformations that change your character’s appearance and abilities, like turning into a spaceship, a spider, or a wheel.

To reach the end of a level, you must avoid all hazards, such as spikes, explosions, and light balls. The difficulty of each level varies – Stereo Madness is relatively easy, while Clubstep offers a near-impossible challenge, requiring the collection of secret coins to access.

To overcome these obstacles, you’ll need to master gravity manipulation and make use of portals to change your character’s behavior. Keep practicing and learning the level layouts to gradually improve your skills and conquer even the most challenging Geometry Dash levels.

What Challenges and Unlockables Does Geometry Dash Offer?

In Geometry Dash, you can tackle various challenges to obtain stars, secret coins, and achievements. Unlocking these, along with completing levels and screen packs, enhances your leaderboard standing. Moreover, accomplishing challenges grants icons, colors, rewards, orbs, and diamonds.

What Kind of Music Does Geometry Dash Have?

In Geometry Dash, you’ll find that the soundtrack is energetic and stimulating, blending unique rhythms reminiscent of Rez and other electronic music. The game features tracks composed by talented artists like ForeverBound, Step, DJVI, and Waterflame. While playing, you may need to replay certain stages to align the beats of these captivating tunes with the game’s challenging levels. The music truly complements the rapid pace of the gameplay experience.

What is the Geometry Dash level editor like?

The Geometry Dash level editor is user-friendly and packed with options. You can conveniently craft your own stages and either choose music from the game or add new tracks from Newgrounds. The editor allows you to customize backgrounds, colors, obstacles, and scenery in various ways. Once you finish your masterpiece, you can share it with the online community for others to enjoy. Just make sure your level is playable and includes all the coins, ensuring approval and sharing.

Exploring Geometry Dash Options

As you play, you can unlock various colors and icons to customize your character for a unique style. If you’re struggling to progress, the practice mode offers an opportunity to master the controls. Remember, this game is available on Steam, web platforms, and mobile devices since its release on August 13, 2013.

Is Geometry Dash a Good Download?

Geometry Dash is a visually appealing indie game with impressive lighting effects and vibrant colors. You’ll enjoy its smooth, easy-to-use controls, and the level editor adds replay value, ensuring you always have something new to play. Developed by Robert Topala under RobTop Games, this title embodies the qualities of a successful independent production. Both iOS and Android users have given it positive reviews, making it a worthwhile addition to your game library.