Geometry Dash Lite







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Requires OS

5.0 and up



Released on

September 15, 2013

Updated on

3 Days Ago


RobTop Games

In Geometry Dash Lite, an iOS game by RobTop Games, you control a cube-shaped character, skillfully mastering your jumps to conquer challenging levels filled with obstacles in this intense platformer.

Difficult? No, almost impossible!

In Geometry Dash, you can’t underestimate the importance of timing your jumps. With its fast pace, even a slight error results in starting from square one. It’s this challenge that makes the game so enticing. Geometry Dash offers two game modes—practice and normal—but mastering levels in either mode requires patience and numerous attempts.

As you run through levels, dodging obstacles and navigating traps, the game keeps a running tally of your attempts, only adding to the pressure. The rhythm-based gameplay incorporates various goals and statistics, keeping you hooked as you strive to improve your record.

Press and the Cube Will Leap

In Geometry Dash, simply click on the screen, and your cube character will leap. Timing is crucial – a minor mistake might lead to failure. Keep practicing, unlock new skins, ships, and gravity portals to enhance your gameplay experience.

Retro Graphics

The 2D graphics in Geometry Dash evoke a nostalgic, simple style, with minimal detailing. Complementing this, the game features a distinctive soundtrack.

Difficulty Beyond Expectation

Geometry Dash challenges you with its intricate design and incredible difficulty, adding excitement to every attempt. With each play, the game pushes you to break your own records, enhancing your determination to overcome the increasingly harder levels. Stay focused and embrace the challenge!