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4.4 and up



Released on

October 29, 2018

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FR Legends, a captivating mobile racing game created by Feng Liu, is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. In this game, you have the opportunity to customize your cars, challenge online opponents, and participate in diverse events. Enhance your car’s performance by collecting parts and upgrading your vehicle. Experience the realistic graphics and engaging gameplay in this highly popular game, brought to you by Twin Turbo Tech Co., Ltd.

FR Legends App Features

In the FR Legends app, you can enjoy realistic 3D graphics and physics while driving a variety of drift cars, from classic Japanese sports cars to modern American muscle cars. Enhance your vehicle’s performance by customizing parts and upgrades, and show off your drifting skills in online multiplayer mode against other players.

Progress through career mode as you advance in difficulty and unlock new tracks and challenges. Participate in diverse challenges and events that test your skills in drifting and racing. With a selection of iconic circuits, engine swaps, wide-body kits, tandem drift battles, and an engaging scoring system, FR Legends offers an exhilarating drifting game experience catered to your preferences.

What Can You Gain From the FR Legends App?

FR Legends offers a variety of benefits, such as improving your driving skills with its immersive and realistic driving experience. The app’s physics engine and real-time feedback make it an ideal environment for honing your racing techniques.

Within the game, you will find challenging tracks from legendary circuits worldwide. These will put your abilities to the test against renowned drivers inspired by real-world competition judging rules.

Embrace the car culture by customizing your vehicles with diverse parts, paint jobs, and decals to create distinct looks that represent your style. Utilize the game features, like engaging online multiplayer options, to compete against or collaborate with other players in exhilarating events.

FR Legends App Review

FR Legends is an engaging drag racing simulator available on both Android and iOS platforms. As a player, you have the opportunity to go head-to-head with other racers, customizing and upgrading your car to secure the top spot. The game boasts a variety of features, such as car customization options like parts and paint jobs, as well as a rewarding career mode that takes you through different levels as you progress.

The app’s visual appeal is notable, with realistic car models that look fantastic even on lower-end devices. Picking up the controls is simple, ensuring anyone can enjoy the game regardless of their experience levels. With a fast-paced and captivating gameplay, FR Legends keeps you entertained with a plethora of car customization possibilities. Additionally, the game is compatible with various operating systems, such as Windows 7 or above, Mac, and mobile devices like Android and iOS. Keep in mind that the game may include in-app purchases, so familiarize yourself with the privacy policy when downloading.

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