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December 16, 2015

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Euro Truck Simulator, developed by SCS Software, is a captivating truck driving simulator that allows players to journey through a virtual rendition of Europe. As you navigate through various cities, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up and deliver a wide range of goods, immersing yourself in the life of a long-haul trucker. This game, released in 2008, marked the beginning of the widely popular Euro Truck Simulator series, with its successor, Euro Truck Simulator 2, making its debut in 2012.

In this article, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the Euro Truck Simulator gaming experience. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of the game, where to find it, and the advantages and disadvantages of playing it. With our insightful guidance, you’ll be fully equipped to dive into the world of truck driving simulation and explore the diverse landscapes of Europe from the comfort of your home.

Aim Of The Game

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, your primary objective is transferring cargo to various destinations across Europe. While embarking on this journey, you will drive through realistically designed roads that lead you to famous cities like Rome, Berlin, Madrid, and Prague where you complete missions.

The game offers a diverse selection of realistic trucks for you to drive, and regardless of your prior trucking experience, you can enjoy the immersive experience it provides. As you deliver cargo, you earn money that plays a crucial role in the game. Using the money, you can purchase better trucks, refill your fuel, and maintain your fleet. It’s essential to manage your funds wisely as your business relies on consistent earnings to expand your trucking empire. Completing your tasks efficiently ensures a steady flow of income, ultimately transforming your venture into an elite trucking force.

Trucks Involved in the Game

In Euro Truck Simulator, you will encounter various truck models, each designed with realistic graphics and functional features such as wipers, gauges, and warning lights. The trucks you can drive in the game are as follows:

  • Mercedes-Benz Actros (also known as Majestic)
  • Renault Magnum (also known as Runner)
  • Scania R-series (also known as Swift)
  • Volvo FH16 (also known as Valiant)

These models come with different cabin options and accessories, including GPS systems and fully customizable interiors providing an immersive experience when exploring garages and traveling across Europe.

Where Can You Find A Euro Truck Simulator?

Euro Truck Simulator is available for download on Steam for PCs and laptops. However, if you are looking for the game on console devices like PS4 or Xbox, you might need to consider playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, which offers a similar gaming experience. The primary focus of both games is on long-distance travel, transporting essential cargo to different European cities.

Notable landmarks and cities you may encounter include London, Berlin, Iberia, and other breathtaking scenery across the European roads. Furthermore, Euro Truck Simulator is accessible for Android and iOS devices through the Google Play Store and Apple Store, respectively, allowing you to enjoy the game on your mobile devices as well.

Can Anyone Play This Game?

Yes, you can play Euro Truck Simulator (2008), as it remains globally accessible through the Steam platform. The game initially launched in Europe, and within a month, became available worldwide. However, with the release of Euro Truck Simulator 2 in 2012, the demand for the first version has decreased. Regardless, you can still enjoy the original game anytime, as long as you have access to Steam.

Why Play This Game?

Euro Truck Simulator offers a stress-free and engaging experience for players of all levels. With its easy-to-learn gameplay, it accommodates both experienced truck drivers and beginners alike. As you navigate through the virtual European landscapes, you’ll appreciate the stunning graphics that replicate real-world locations. Although the game currently lacks multiplayer support, its relaxing atmosphere and immersive exploration make for an appealing gaming experience.

Pros Summary

Impressive Visuals – The game boasts remarkable graphics, showcasing detailed surroundings and vehicles, including your own truck. Its creators drew inspiration from real-world locations, making the game feel incredibly realistic as you drive through picturesque European cities and roads.

Engaging Objectives – The game offers an array of goals, ensuring you’re not simply driving aimlessly. These objectives motivate you to unlock better trucks and extend gameplay. Some challenges include completing a certain number of consecutive deliveries.

Accessible to All – Regardless of your experience with truck driving, Euro Truck Simulator 2 welcomes all players. Straightforward controls make it easy for anyone to participate and fully enjoy the game.

Cons Summary

As a player, you might experience some downsides while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. Here are the key points:

  • Limited Map Size: The game has a smaller map compared to other versions featuring USA maps, which results in shorter journeys and fewer destinations. This might be appealing to some players who prefer quicker trips, while others might find it restrictive.
  • Lack of Truck Customization: The game doesn’t offer truck customization options, such as painting your vehicle in desired colors. As you progress, you only unlock new levels and trucks instead of gaining the ability to personalize your truck with upgraded parts.
  • Absence of Police Encounters: If you commit any traffic violations, there are no police chases to deal with. Although this could simplify the gameplay, some players might miss the excitement of trying to outrun the police. In this game, violations lead to tickets that you have to pay.

In Summary

Euro Truck Simulator 2 offers a serene and enjoyable gaming experience, taking you on a journey through the picturesque cities of Europe. This captivating game is compatible with Linux, MacOS, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Rest assured, with Euro Truck Simulator 2, you’ll find tranquility and a sense of adventure without leaving the comfort of your home. Graphics are top-notch, and for fans of the genre, check out its sibling – American Truck Simulator. Enjoy your virtual road trips!