Dead by Daylight Mobile







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Requires OS

7.0 and up



Released on

October 7, 2019

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Behaviour Interactive

Engaging yourself in the terrifying world of Dead by Daylight is now possible on your mobile devices with Dead by Daylight Mobile. This asymmetrical survival horror game brings the horror franchise experience right to your fingertips. Within the app, you can keep track of your in-game statistics, stay updated with news, and purchase add-ons. Plus, the app offers an interactive chat room where you can connect with fellow players, share tactics, and devise strategies. Prepare to face the horror and test your survival skills in this heart-pounding mobile game.

Dead by Daylight Mobile App Features

In Dead by Daylight Mobile, you can play as either a killer or survivor, choosing from a wide range of characters with unique abilities, such as The Hillbilly with his chainsaw, The Trapper with bear traps, and The Wraith using a wailing bell. Survivors include Meg Thomas, Feng Min, and Jeff Johansen, among others.

As a survivor, you’ll strategize with your teammates to evade the killer and escape from various locations. As a killer, use your unique abilities to hunt down and sacrifice survivors to The Entity. This multiplayer experience is further enhanced with cross-platform play, realistic environments, intuitive controls, and online leaderboards.

Personalize your character with customization options and frequent content updates, including new maps like Ormond, and additional characters, such as The Doctor, The Oni, and The Trickster. The in-game store offers even more ways to improve your Dead by Daylight experience.

What are the benefits of using Dead by Daylight Mobile App?

Dead by Daylight Mobile App offers you these advantages:

  • Convenience: Play the game anytime, anywhere
  • Social connectivity: Engage with friends and other players even when you’re away from console or PC
  • Notifications: Stay informed on events and game updates
  • Progress tracking: Monitor your performance and improvement
  • Exclusive rewards: Join special events and challenges for unique unlockables
  • Easy matchmaking: Quickly team up with friends or connect with new players
  • Configurations: Balance adjustments, controller support, and items for an enhanced experience

Dead by Daylight Mobile App Review

Dead by Daylight Mobile offers a thrilling horror experience on your mobile device, plunging you into a sinister world where survival requires cunning strategy to evade a relentless killer. The game’s rich visuals paint a terrifying scene, immersing you into its dark environment. Crisp sound effects further intensify the experience, keeping you on edge throughout the gameplay.

Facing challenges that test your skills, your objective is to outwit the killer and escape their grasp. Opt for a character with unique abilities that increase your chances of survival and utilize diverse weapons, such as firearms. While the controls are simple and easy to grasp, the gameplay demands acute strategic thinking in order to prevail against the relentless pursuer.

  • Intense gameplay: Outsmart the killer to survive
  • Immersive graphics and sound: Enhanced horror experience
  • Effortless controls: Easy-to-understand and use
  • Character variety: Unique abilities for prolonged survival
  • Assorted weaponry: Increased opportunities for resistance

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