Clash Royale







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5.0 and up



Released on

March 1, 2016

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3 Days Ago



In Clash Royale, you strategize by utilizing card strength and building a well-balanced deck. By deploying cards during battle, you aim to defeat your opponent using a combination of units and spells. Enhance your deck by earning cards from chests, gaining new elements such as elixir manipulation, or acquiring cards with different abilities like the Electro Wizard or Baby Dragon. Rarer cards can boost your performance, while collecting trophies, gold, and gems can further advance your progress in the game.

What is it about?

In Clash Royale, your goal is to obtain as many crowns as possible by destroying your opponent’s crown towers. You’ll use a deck of cards, each representing familiar characters from the game’s sibling title, Clash of Clans. However, knowledge of Clash of Clans is not required to enjoy and understand the characters and their abilities in Clash Royale.

During gameplay, you’ll come across various towers, such as King’s towers and Princess towers, which can yield more than one crown. Successfully destroying these two types of towers can lead to an instant victory. But remember, you have a limited time of just 3 minutes to achieve this feat.

To conquer these towers, you’ll need to strike a balance between attacking and defending while keeping an eye on the clock. Players can occasionally find power-ups that add a few extra seconds to the match, but these moments are rare. With real-time strategy and fast-paced gameplay, this collectible card game from developer Supercell caters to both Android and iOS users. Upgrade your deck and cards while building your strategy to secure those crowns and rise through the ranks in Clash Royale.

Fun on the battlefield

In Clash Royale, you can experience the excitement of protecting your towers and deploying troops in the arena. As you rise to victory, you’ll face various challenges that will test your strategic skills. In this vibrant game, you can enjoy tower defense, join tournaments, and compete in leagues for glory. Keep an eye on your ranking and always be ready to defend your territory from enemy attacks, while seizing every opportunity to vanquish the enemy king.

Just the Right Amount of Fun

Clash Royale offers an engaging experience for players who enjoy both casual and strategic gameplay. Regardless of your routine, you can find entertainment with this multiplayer game featuring a diverse collection of clash characters. Progressing through player levels and participating in clan wars or 2v2 events with friends brings a sense of challenge without being too demanding, making it enjoyable for a wide range of players, including children. With the right balance of fun and strategy, the excitement in Clash Royale remains consistent.