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4.4 and up



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April 16, 2014

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Google LLC

Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to effortlessly connect to other computers or mobile devices through the Google Chrome browser. As a user-friendly extension, it outperforms similar applications like AnyDesk in terms of agility and ease of use. With this tool, you can efficiently access remote devices and navigate their content.

How to Utilize Google Remote Desktop

To use Google Remote Desktop, make sure both computers have Google Chrome browser and the Chrome Remote Desktop extension installed. Next, click the app icon on the source computer (the one you want to receive remote assistance on) to generate a unique one-time access code. This code is a security feature – share it with the user who will remotely access your computer.

The other user must input the access code into the designated box, granting them immediate access to the source computer or mobile device. Now, they can perform tasks as needed, with all changes being recorded. Remember to make use of full-screen mode for better visibility during the process.

What Devices Can Google Chrome Remote Control Work With?

Google Chrome Remote Control is highly adaptable and compatible with a broad range of devices. These include not only Windows and Mac desktop computers, but also Android and iOS mobile devices. As a result, it provides increased flexibility compared to similar applications like TeamViewer.

How Chrome Remote Desktop Operates

Chrome Remote Desktop is a versatile tool that enables you to remotely control a host computer using devices with varying platforms, such as accessing a Windows computer from a Mac or iOS device and vice versa. All it requires is a stable internet connection on both devices, preferably through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. This extension maintains security through the use of a PIN and offers consistent functionalities across different systems, ensuring seamless remote control in various situations.

A Fascinating Remote Assistance Tool

Chrome Remote Desktop offers a user-friendly and efficient way to access computers remotely. Even without extensive computer knowledge, you can easily connect to a remote computer for support sessions. This program allows unattended access and contains a chat function for smooth communication during assistance.