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December 22, 2012

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As a user of the Canvas Student App, you can seamlessly access your course materials and engage with your teachers and peers from your mobile device. This handy tool by Instructure, Inc. offers convenient access to your grades, course content, announcements, and discussions. Additionally, the app features an integrated calendar to help you stay on top of due dates and events. Make the most of the Canvas Student App to stay organized and excel in your education, even when you’re on the move.

Canvas Student App Features

As a user of the Canvas Student App, you benefit from a variety of helpful features tailored to enhance your educational experience. Utilizing this edtech tool, you can easily:

  • Access your Course Dashboard to see an overview of all your courses, along with assignments, grades, and announcements
  • View and track Assignments & Grades, including upcoming due dates and feedback from past submissions
  • Stay organized with an integrated Calendar that displays all your important events, such as exams and assignment deadlines
  • Remain up-to-date through Notifications, alerting you to new announcements or grade updates in your courses
  • Engage in course-related Discussions with both your peers and instructors, fostering deeper understanding and collaboration with the aid of technology resources available in the app.

Why You’ll Love Using the Canvas Student App

The Canvas Student App offers several advantages that can help make your academic life more manageable. By using the app, you can effortlessly:

  • Access course content, participate in discussions, and track due dates from any device
  • Check your grades and receive feedback from instructors
  • Conveniently submit assignments without hassle
  • Stay informed with notifications about course updates
  • Engage in online conversations with classmates
  • Collaborate with peers using features like Canvas Chat, Conferences, and Calendar
  • Remain organized with personalized To-Do lists, including important dates and events

Canvas Student App Review

The Canvas Student app assists you in managing your academic tasks and staying organized. This free application grants you access to classes, assignments, grades, and more, from any device. A built-in calendar functionality enables you to arrange your day and monitor approaching deadlines.

The app is an excellent resource for maintaining control of your coursework, featuring an easy-to-use interface and sufficient tools for the majority of users. However, the calendar function may lack intuitiveness, making it somewhat challenging to use. You might also notice that the app does not provide reminders or notifications for upcoming due dates or crucial tasks. Regardless, the Canvas Student app delivers essential benefits in managing your institution’s course work and keeping you connected to support and Student Information System (SIS) resources through email communications.

Apps Similar to Canvas Student App

Several apps offer features comparable to the Canvas Student App, helping you manage your coursework and stay organized. Some of these apps include:

  • Schoology: This learning management system enables you to access course materials, complete assignments, participate in tests, and collaborate with classmates. Instructors can utilize Schoology to track your progress and offer feedback.
  • Blackboard Student: Designed to boost your success in class, this app grants access to content, grades, assignments, and announcements all in one place. Additionally, it allows you to retrieve forgotten login credentials.
  • Edmodo: As an educational communication platform, Edmodo encourages interaction between you and your instructors. Through this platform, you can acquire course materials, submit assignments, and receive feedback. Your instructors can also monitor your progress.
  • ClassDojo: While primarily geared towards students, parents, and teachers in primary and secondary education, ClassDojo offers an engaging way to stay connected to your learning community and share achievements, announcements, and materials.