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Released on

October 30, 2010

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CamSoft Information

With the CamScanner app, you can turn your Android or iOS device into a powerful scanner that enables you to easily convert photos and other types of documents into PDF files. Utilize your smartphone’s camera to capture and store these digital files, relinquishing the need to carry hard copies. Enhance your document’s readability by employing helpful features like editing, sharing, and cloud storage. Moreover, the app’s text recognition and OCR technology make extracting text from images a breeze. Lastly, protect your important files with built-in security options such as password protection and watermarking.

CamScanner – PDF Scanner App Features

With CamScanner, you can easily scan various types of documents using your mobile device. The app enhances the quality of your scans through advanced image processing technology. After scanning, it provides tools for editing your documents, such as cropping, rotating, and adding text or drawings.

Sharing is simple with CamScanner—email your documents or post them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The application also allows real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to view and comment on a single document.

In addition to its scanning capabilities, CamScanner features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text recognition in various languages. The app lets you download and upload PDFs, save and search files, and utilize e-signatures, web versions, and portable scanning. Extra features include wireless printing, watermarking, and password protection for your digital files.

What are the benefits of using the CamScanner – PDF Scanner App?

Boost your productivity by utilizing the CamScanner – PDF Scanner App. This app makes it easy for you to scan and save documents as PDFs, thanks to its user-friendly design. Share your scanned files effortlessly via email, social media, or cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature allows you to search text within scanned documents. You can also personalize your documents by adding annotations and watermarks. Additionally, CamScanner provides security features to ensure your scanned materials are protected, making it a robust solution for meeting your document management needs.

CamScanner – PDF Scanner App Review

CamScanner – PDF Scanner App offers an easy solution for scanning documents, photos, and other materials into PDF files. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, this app is free to download, offering in-app purchases for extra options.

With its quick and precise document scanning, you can obtain PDFs without manually adjusting settings. The scanned files are clear, making them great for archiving or sharing online. Moreover, CamScanner provides additional features such as:

  • Image cropping
  • Annotations adding
  • Merging multiple documents into a single file
  • Password protection for files
  • Cloud storage integration

Armed with this app, you can improve your productivity, streamline your document management, and effortlessly convert your physical files into digital versions.

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