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4.4 and up



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July 18, 2013

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3 Days Ago


ninja kiwi

Bloons TD Battles is a widely enjoyed tower defense game created by Ninja Kiwi. Accessible on iOS, Android, and Steam, you engage in constructing and enhancing towers to shield your territory from attacking bloons. Your primary objective is to outlast your adversary by eliminating all bloons prior to them reaching your base. The game boasts an array of towers, upgrades, and strategies you can employ to conquer your opponents. Moreover, you have the option to participate or establish custom tournaments, or indulge in ranked matches against challengers across the globe.

Bloons TD Battles App Features

Engage in multiplayer mode to challenge your friends and other players in high-stakes, head-to-head battles, or hone your skills in single-player mode against computer-controlled opponents with varied difficulty levels.

Create a powerful defense by customizing your bloons with various types, upgrades, and towers. Keep a close eye on your achievements with detailed stats and leaderboards to track your performance.

Participate in special missions and events for unique rewards and unlocking new content. Enjoy cross-platform play to experience the thrilling tower defense game on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and more!

Exploring the Perks of Bloons TD Battles App

In Bloons TD Battles, you get to experience a strategic and engaging gameplay where you can flex your creativity to build the most effective defense against enemy bloons. You have a plethora of towers, upgrades, and special abilities at your disposal.

Experience the thrill of competition with its multiplayer mode, allowing you to challenge yourself or engage in friendly battles with friends to secure the highest score. The game is packed with assorted challenges and over 20 exciting maps to keep you hooked for hours.

Dive into various features like leaderboard, daily challenges, and achievements to claim your spot among top players. Participate in weekly leaderboards for a chance to win amazing prizes or enjoy private matches with your friends. Manage your in-game cash wisely to achieve success in various modes, keeping the game dynamic and entertaining.

Bloons TD Battles App Review

Bloons TD Battles provides an engaging and strategic tower defense experience. In this game, your goal is to guard your base against waves of enemy bloons by placing towers along their route, while simultaneously targeting your rival’s base with your own bloons.

This franchise sports vibrant and cartoonish graphics, making it entertaining for all ages. Its user interface is straightforward, ensuring even new players can quickly grasp the mechanics. The controls are also easy to use, enabling you to deftly set up towers and counterattacks.

Available for mobile devices, as well as Windows on Steam, Bloons TD Battles offers diverse modes such as solo, co-op, and ranked battles. Numerous upgrades are obtainable for tower types, enhancing your gameplay experience. Although the sequel, Bloons TD 6, has been released, this game has garnered positive customer reviews across iOS and other platforms, making it worth a try.

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